Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

I will do my best to write more this week because the s key is broken and I have to put in the s with the little poput keyboard. It is really annoying....

Today we did something actually really fun and enjoyable. Most p days we do not do to much the mete would be play eoccere and eat food and relax, but today we asked permission to  go a musuem called SeƱor de Sipan which is about thirty minutes away from my area. To get there we borrowed the moto taxi of our penscionista. Then we asked a member to help of out by coming with us and driving the moto. The member that came with us is named Guillermo. He is really cool. At first the moto taxi seems a little sketchy because it would not start and then it would die really fast. So we bought some gas and we were off. The funny thing was that every time that we drove over a speed bump the moto taxi would die. I was actually afraid that the moto would die half way to the museum and we would have to walk the whole way back. But we made it safe and sound. It was a really cool place. Senor de Sipan was a royal ancient ruler that they found buried in a pyramid like structure. It was really cool to see all the things that they found in these tombs that are basically in the middle of no where. The sad part is that the had some objects of pure gold that were stolen and later they were found in the customs of Miami. They are now posessions of the FBI, but still some pieces are missing.

This was the highlight of my week. Besides this we had a zone conference where They challenged us to learn all 100 of the scripture masteries and strive to use all of them in our teachings because they were inspired by the 12 apostles as the scpriptures of most importance of that are the clearest.
I want to send pictures but the computer is not reconizing my usb.

Dont you just love the computers here

Elder Mecham
My Companion

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