Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014


I am almost done with the CCM

Thanks for the email. By the way next week my Pday is on wednesday my birthday which is pretty nice. I went to the temple and this time I did it without the translator headphones. It was a cool experience. I hope Brooklyn is alright. Speaking of Brook{s chin my companion actually had his chin pop open on tuesday and needed to go get stitches. He was doing behind the back clap pushups and he did not compeletly make it up on the last one. I was compañero less for a couple hours, but now he is fine. He gets his stitches out either tomorrow or saturday.
Ya I got Brooks email, but I have nothing from Anji.,
I am glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving, they celebrated in the CCM but it just was not the same.
Spanish is coming...
Ya on a day they sang Love at home in Spanish and I could hold the tears back. It just reminded me of what I missed.
I am excited to get out of the CCM into the field.
Elder Joshua Leo Mecham

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