Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

 December 25, 2014

Feliz Navidad
I am off in the field now preaching the gospel. My first week in the field has shown me how much Spanish I don´t know. My trainer is from Orange County California. His name is Elder Jarman. He is a cool guy and he is fluent in Spanish. The area I am in is called El dorado like the name of a movie, but it really doesn´t look like the movie. The zone I am in is Kennedy. The area I am in now does not have Hermanas in it because it is a little dangerous.
 I really like the food here. We have a penisionista ( she basically buys the food and cooks for us). There is a lot of rice and chicken, but I enjoy the food. We only get to eat with the members oncce a week on wednesdays. I guess the mission has had a history of missionary getting really sick , so they reduced the number. Any way life is good in the mission field. 

I really like Peru, the dirt streets which blow dust in your eyes. The hot days. The people are really friendly. The ward I am serving in is sweet! We have gone teaching with some members. One who was really cool was named Moroni. His first name was actually Angel, so his name was Angel Moroni. He is a RM who teaches with power and with the spirit. The other cool thing about him is he knows English, so I can actually talk with him. 

Christmas is cool in Peru. People here stay up on Christmas eve until midnight. At midnight they then eat a big dinner, and people all over shoot off fireworks. As a missionary I could not shoot some fireworks. They also have a tradition where they make dolls and they burn them in the streets. Some people fill their dolls with even more fireworks, so it really looks cool when they burn. My companion said there will even be more fireworks and dolls burning on New Years.

I love the mission

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