Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16

This week has been great;

We had zone conference this week which is always fun and enjoyable. The zone leaders challenged us to memorize and use the articles of faith in our teaching, so the next day I started reviewing them in english and learning them in Spanish. We taught the articles of faith probably 8 times this week, but each time it has went well and had a great impact on the people we teach. I feel like learning the articles of faith in Spanish also helps me a lot with the language.

A cool experience... we were teaching the Bustamonte family and family we contacted on the street. It is sad though because they will only be here until the end of february because they are here for only vacation. We introduced them to the Book of Mormon and the lesson was going well. When it came to my part I was nervous but I felt just a calming feeling come over me. I then bore testimony and basically poured my soul into this testimony. What is amazing is I can say I had words put into my mouth.

ALSO... I had a conversation in spanish for over thirty minutes. We talked about soccer and different thing, but man that is a step on my language learning journey. Poco a poco.

All in all this week was enjoyable.

My challenge though is to memorize the articles of faith and share it with some person you come into contact this week. 
Have you ever had a service opportunity bust right in through the door? I can now say that I have. On saturday, Yimy Baturen busted into our room and asked if we could help his mom out with her roof. It scared us half to death.... We were in the middle of getting ready to go eat breakfast and then go study when he came. We hurried and changed and then ate breakfast quickly then we were off. We helped fix the roof of hna. Zenaida. It was enjoyable and really it is always great to do service.
 They do celebrate valentine´s day here too. I saw people selling different wooden furniture with hearts on it. Also flowers too. Some people we were going to visit were busy because of valentines day.

I can say the mission is a rollercoaster of ups and downs but when the day comes to an end I can feel accomplished working in the vineyard of the lord.
I would send pictures but the computer is being annoying so here is the bulletin from december. sorry it is in spanish

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