Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015


This week was not too eventful.

After having a baptism last week it was just going back to work trying to find more people to bring to the fold and to the truth. 
This week we helped out a with a familysearch activity that the stake put on. We basically acted as missionaries in the spirit prison who were teaching those who had not had the opportunity to receive the gospel. We explained that they could not complete the step of baptism because they did not have a body. Then the group would go through to the paradise, but it just shows how important family history is. People are waiting for us to do their temple work. Waiting. waiting. I can imagine some are pretty bored and tired of waiting now.  We also brought Blanca Santos our recent convert with us. She was excited to learn how to do the work because her mom passed away.

We also are starting to teach one of Blanca´s sons. He is ten and he expressed that he wants to get baptized. He even went to church with his mom this week, so we will be working with him the next couple of weeks.

With changes my district was changed up a little and so was my zone. I have a new district leader now it will be cool to see how he leads and teaches in district meeting. I will miss some that were changed, but I will just need to get used to this it is part of the mission.

Oh yah it was sweet one the the investigators gave me a knitted sweater. It is kind of small but hey it is cool. Also this week another investigator gave me a beenie with the 2 strings that hang down. sweet

Well my testimony has grown since leaving the house... especially fasting. I have already talked about how as a companionship we fasted for Blanca Santos to accept the baptismal invitation. The blessing from Blanca are still coming. 

Elder Mecham

A little treat called trancas

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