Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6

Happy 4th of July

Well I kind of miss the festivities of the fourth which kind of sucked. The only thing that the peruvivans were celebrating was the day of the friend which is a day that was created by a beer company where they lower the prices for beer so there were a lot of drunks. Also the Copa America had the final which chile won. I know because during the times of the futbol games all the people will not let you in because the are "really busy". The only festive thing that I ended up doing was that we sang the national anthem with all the americans during the mision coordination. All the pervuvians laughed but I am glad I am part of the states.
I completed 8 months in the mission and elder Nordhoff completed 1 year this week too. It was kind of funny because the night he completed a year after planning he just sat there and stared at the ceiling saying how long a year is. I mean the mission is long but it goes by really fast. I was cool though because he burned a shirt. I want to burn a shirt for a year but I will probably just burn one of the shirts that other missionaries have left because I feel like a just have enough shirts to get me through the weeks.
I feel like I know my area okay now. I am kinda sad because we are pretty sure that elder Nordhoff is going to get changed next week. That means I will only have one change with him. Then I will need to lead the area and teach my next comp.
We have been struggling with a draught of investigators... It is hard. My last area we seemed to always have new people and people to teach. I mean speaking of my first area elder unruh was in the mission boliton with a baptism of a family that we worked so hard with. I am so glad that he met his goal... Now they have the goal to get sealed in the Trujillo which makes me so happy.
Well I hope grandpa heels well, And that you guys had a great fourth of july.
Love you all
Elder Mecham
Thats cool to hear about Joshua Mecham in the family history. What is funny is he was baptized on my birthday.

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