Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29

So this week was another hard week of work. We are searching, contacting, and working are hearts out but not with too much success. But that doesn't matter all attempts to find people are counted. The highlights for this week for me was the baptism of the sisters and the service we did for one of our investigators. For the service project we helped the family Ramirez dig a ditch for their water pipe. Sadly right now they don't have any water in their house. So we took out the picks and shovels to help him out a little. The only thing is that he has to make the little trench over two blocks long to tap in the water line. It is going to take a long time... but it is good work and long. Elder Nordhoff got 4 blisters on his hands that looked so painful.
The Hermanas had a baptism this week for the Hermana Michelle mi chel li. So elder Nordhoff had the opportunity to interview his first baptismal candidate. During the interview I sat and talked with Hno Fausto. The baptismal was nice too. The only sad thing was that a member was having a birthday party at the same time, so they were blasting music while we were trying to feel the spirit. Right when Hna Michelle went to get baptized the starting screaming happy birthday. ohh typical Peru.... The other funny part is hno Fausto and hna Michelle are engaged so they had a cake at the baptism too. It basically looked like an engagement party too.
Then yesterday during church we got a shock that the Hermanas have emergency changes and that they are all going to the other mission. IT was kind of sad, all the Hermanas started to cry, but man they get to go to the new Trujillo temple why would they be so sad.... just how the hnas are though.

Then today we said good bye and waved them off as the bus drove away. We also played soccer.

The picture is of my district before two of the sisters were leaving to Trujillo. Now I am in a district of only 4 missionaries which is kind off sad. but it is life. A

Also peru is in the semi finals of the copa america. Peru vs Chile this night. We probably wont be able to get into any houses tonight. I wish I could watch it.

Elder Mecham

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