Monday, June 22, 2015

June 23

Well by far the coolest thing of this week was the temple dedication that took place in Trujillo. I did not have the opportunity to go the the open house and see the temple, but we had the opportunity to watch the cultural events and the dedication by satelite.

Saturday, we got a call saying we could just go and watch the cultural event. It was a surprise and yet really cool. So at 6 o clock we took a mototaxi to the stake center. We even bought some snacks and drinks to just chill and enjoy the culture of Peru. It was interesting, they talked about all the different indigenous tribes of northern peru. Then after they introduced a tribe the talked about a city and then the youth of that stake would dance a dance. Some of the dances were really cool. The weirdest though by far is in the part of the jungle they did a dance with armadillos. They dressed up as armadillos acted as they were fighting and they there was a hunter in the corner. At the end of the dance the hunter killed on of the armadillos and started to eat it.
It was really cool though becuase I saw people dance from the old stake that I served in, Dorado. It was really sweet and it brought back great memories seeing them. I mean I watched them practice their dance a couple times in the chapel, but It was really cool seeing the finished show. The coolest dance I saw had to be the dance by Chimbote which is basically the city of the fish. Of course the danced with fishing nets. At the end they brought out a little boat and threw fabric across the stage to make it look like water. Then they took the boat across and fished. Then a couple people ran with with back and forth. It was great.

The dedication was also really cool. We were able to attend all three sessions. Pres. Uchtdorf came and so did elder bednar. It was different seeing them being translated for... Also for some reason Uchtdorf just could not pronounce Trujillo. They gave some really uplifting talks in all three sessions. The only thing that I missed that was different was that the choir that they brought it was totally tone deaf... So is all of Peru.... But usually my favorite part of a temple dedication in the end when the sing the hosanna anthem with spirit of god. But this time it hurt to hear the pervuvians sing it. It was funny,, one time the choir hit a really horrible note and Elder Waddel cringed a little because he was sitting directly infront of them. They did their best though...

The week was a hard one for lessons. We did a lot of contacting in the streets, knocking doors, and we asked for references. But this week we just did not have a lot of success. It is disapointing but It is just the life and glory of of missionary. Some weeks suck, some weeks are the best time of your life. I feel it is just how life is. 

Oh, but it was really cool to see Jimmy Salas at the temple dedication. He just was baptized 2 weeks ago. That just made my day.

Oh and happy fathers day to all the fathers. Ya it is a day late but it still counts.

Peru actually advanced in the copa america. SO all the peruvians were super happy today..

Elder Mecham

Btw pappy... there are not senior misisonaries in my mission. To bad right.... And the missionaries of american fork west stake emailed me. They said that they need some more help from the members. So do you parts. Leave with the missionaries, give them people they can teach. It really helps a lot. Just do your part in the work.

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