Friday, June 5, 2015

May 25

My week was okay this week. On tuesday, we walked to our district meeting and on the way we just contacted and handed out a bunch of temple open house invitations. The district meeting was really good too. Elder Mortensen talked about finding the miracles that are promised to us. The key is through obedience, diligence and faith. The Book of Mormen promises miracles and they do come. He also challenged us to seek the joy that comes from the work. I was all happy to start working again, but, my companion got super sick. Tuesday we did not leave the room. Then because we live in the same room I got sick the next day. We did not end up leaving the room until friday after weekly planning.

Oh, a funny thing this week, for the missionary ward activity they decided that they were going to watch a movie, and had a movie night. They put of in charge of finding the movie. We tried to get a hold of a copy of the testaments in spanish. Sadly it did not work out, but the Young Single Adults representative said that she had a movie and all would be taken care of in the end. When we showed up she showed us the movie. One it had nothing to do with the church. And the other funny thing is Elder Unruh looked on the back of the dvd and the movie was rated R. We tried to explain that they should not watch the movie. But I guess people in South America just do not understand the whole rating system. They have all been desensitized. So while the ward watched a rated R movie we ate popcorn and chatted with the bishop.

We found a new family, an entire family that we have began teaching. They seem pretty interested. I hope they progress, so they can eventually get sealed in the temple. They even went to the temple open house. The members, by way say the temple is gorgeous. Sadly, we will not get to see it. but I have a chance if I get changed missions which I doubt it. 

Well all is well. THis is the last week of the change then I will probably have my first transfer.

Elder Mecham

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