Monday, June 15, 2015

Well this was an interesting week in Jaen.
Here in this zone they are struggling with lessons with members and then also the numbers of new investigators. We worked hard to have a member come out with us as often as possible. Also Elder Nordhoff has been helping me a lot more with my spanish.

We noticed a great improvement in lessons with members, but there is still a long way to go. 

Something interesting is a member from Elder Nordhoffs old ward came to visit for a day. I knew him too , this kid was a mini missionary for a whole change. It was cool he came and visited with us and caught up with elder Nordhoff. I guess when elder Nordhoff came into his ward he found this kid smoking drinking and stealing lots of money from his relatives. It is amazing to see how much of a change the missionaries had in his life. He is now preparing to leave for his mission this next Wednesday. He will be going to the Buenas Aires South mission. This kid is so awesome. So basically he stayed for a day and after he left it made Elder Nordhoff a little trunky to the point he just wanted to just contact and go eat. The next day his was ready to work.

So this district is a little funny because it has a funny name that the previous district leader put. It is called Las Galletas. First it translates to cookies... Which that is what  to paires of Sisters think the district is called, because usually someone brings cookies. But really Elder Miranda asked Elder Nordhoff for an insult for white people and elder nordhoff told him cracker. Galleta means both cookies and crackers, but only the elders and our pension, and the ward mission leader know the joke. It is even more true now because the district is pure Norte Americanos.

This week I also did an interchange with the zone leaders which were really enjoyable. The zone leaders actually get to cook their own food which is cool and which sucks some times. I learned quite a bit from the zls and just how to plan to teach. The only part that sucked is what the zl bough for dinner was just a bunch of rolls and milk. Which is lame... so I shared the food of the other zl.

Anyway it is freaking hot here. I have been told here the seasons are just freaking burning hot, or crazy raining seasons, so I guess I will have to get used to it. The only thing that sucks is that since it is hotter we must drink more liquids and really in this mission they don't give you much personal money to buy, but asi es la mision. 

Well best of luck at home,

Elder Mecham

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