Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Well this week I had transfers. I said goodbye to Elder Unruh and then we went to the changes meetings. It was really hard saying good bye to all of my old area. I will miss all of them. Especially the bishop.

The changes meeting are always interesting because well you get to hear President and his wife give news about the mission. Like if the are opening any areas or if a general authority is coming. President talked about the coming up dedication of the Trujillo temple. Basically I will not see the Trujillo temple unless if i come back after my mission. This change was also very interesting because it was the last time people could be sent to the zones Cajamarca and Guandelupe because after the changes the mission split.

I was called to somewhere far away from everywhere like the Chiclayo and all the other zones. I was moved to a city called Jaen. Which is about 6 and a half hours away. I am still in The mission Chiclayo though. I am now in a ward called Morro Solar and my area is morro solar 2. I was nervous that I was going to get my first Latino companion, but nope it did not happen. The cool thing is I am companions with someone that was in the first district. I am also in the same area that my trainer elder Jarmon went to so the pension knows him. He was here for 5 changes so basically a really long time.

My companions Name is elder Nordhoff, he is from Sandy Utah. He is a cool guy. He played football for Hillcrest high. The coolest part is he knows Arabic. His friends are all Muslims and he is huge into history. He also really likes Palestine. He has the Palestinian flag hanging in the room and he has a bunch of free Palestine shirts. I think it is kind of funny.

Jaen is super hot. The cool thing is is it actually has a lot of plants and greenery. My old area Kennedy was just a bunch of dirt. It is somewhat hard to sleep here because it gets so hot in the room. I am happy to be here though.

All is well, I am still adjusting and doing my best to learn this area.

We also had a baptism,

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