Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

This week is was a new experience and a lot of hard work. Elder Darrington is really willing to work so that is an amazing thing. Every since he came it is like my spanish just clicked in. I mean ya I still have to study my brain out, but It is good to see the progress. So far it has been me sharing most of the lesson and elder darrington testifying, but it has been an amazing combination. I have had scriptures just come to mind and questions too. I taught Elder Darrington to ask for references so that every person we speak with we can ask. Let´s just say references are more efficient than contacting. We were finding people like crazy. Thanks to the help of the members and the willingness to give us people. On the other hand we found a family THAT IS ACTUALLY MARRIED... what a blessing. They are farmers being in the Cria and sadly they do not know how to read. The thing is that they can still pray and attend church. Their names our Pedro pablo and Maria Luisa. Pedro shared a really good story about how god provided cows for him. I then shared malaquias 3. They will be good people. This next week we are going to try and put a baptismal date. They other great thing is this sunday a lady named Angela Marisol just came to church. We had a really good lesson about the word of wisdom in gospel principles, It all ended up with her having a really spiritual experience and wanting us to visit her. The funny thing is that I did not even know she was an investigator until she told us to come visit her.
We are close to have three rescues in the next coming weeks too. We are working hard and I can see the blessings. Now it will be contiuning on.
ohh... The other cool investigator we found this was a couple Named alejandro and elena. they are also married!!! A member gave us the reference and we made sure we visited the couple with the member. The dad is a really great guy that just had a tragic accident where he lost he leg in a car crash. It is really cool how God will put these people in our path.

The most spiritual experience though this week was that we went with a member named Guillermo to visit a list of windows and sick people. We visit a widow that was blind and almost deaf. In the end she asked for a blessing to comfort her. When I started the blessed words just filled my mouth... I could feel how much heavenly father loved this daughter of his. My eyes were not dry at the end of the blessing... I know that God will work through us if we work as hard as we can... That blessing was not my words or any thing of mine. I love this people.

Elder Darrington will do well, it is taking a bit of adjustment to change for clean states to here but he has an amazing attitude and is not afraid. It is a pleasure to work with him.

We are doing well out here, I was so tired this last week, but we worked like crazy. The other fun not really thing that we have to do is move... Lets just say looking for houses in spanish is not as easy as it seems. Bartering is really fun too.

I saw and killed my first scorpion, I guess those are common here... It kinda of scared me.. I was reaching for some of my books and I picked a a book and bam there was a scorpion. I was like oh snap kill it. But i decided to take a picture first. haha

This picture is of me and my step son Elder Torrez and my son Elder Darrington.

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