Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

            11 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!!
This was the last week of this change but it was a week of surprises, adventures,good byes, and conference that was a great conference. As for my area the Cria, it is hard right now to find more families. So now what we are doing is looking like crazy for more opportunities of service. I am looking for the small things like carrying the bags of the cute little old ladys or anything to help out the people. My district leader taught of the preaching and service go hand and hand. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of this. He would be on his way to go help a friend or heal someone and he would stop and heal someone, but at the same time he would teach. He showed  this perfect love for them, and then he inspired his disciples to improve and live the gospel. 
With the current El Niño coming there is a lot of preparation and service to be done to help the people whose houses are not ready for the rain. And there are countless other ways we can help out even if it is really simple. Felix Castillo one of the less actives in the ward is getting closer to being rescued which is being reactivated. We are teaching him all the lessons and he has come to church. He even went to both sessions of Conference on Saturday and on Sunday which is rare for peruvians. It is really funny because many of the members here think that conference is just one session that they just play over and over so that everyone can come and see it at the time most convient.
For conference we were able to go to Chiclayo and I was blessed with the opportunity to see it in English. The funny thing is because my area is so far away there are not combis that come back later in the night, so we went to Chiclayo to the mission office and stayed with the office missionaries and the assistants in there really nice house. The best thing was my companion Elder Flores was ending his mission and he was there because he had to travel from Jaen to end his mission. We had a great time talking, telling stories, and visiting a few places in Chiclayo between the sessions. Elder Flores was in the office before so he knew the area of Chiclayo like the back of his hand. We went and saw some cool things like the picture of this scary loooking statue. It was so cool there was just a park where artists made sculptures about the history and folklore of peru. It was huge. We only had 20 minutes but it was so worth it.

Conference was great... What was cool is they called elder Stevenson, he gave us a visit with elder benson. The best thing was the spirit that was present. I cannot believe how fast it went by. Like I  said before it is like Christmas for missionaries. I felt that these 3 men were called by God. Now it is time to put all the we heard and felt into action.

The cool thing is my old pensionista hna. Deydi send me a package. SHe really was like having another mom in peru. She gave me a whole bunch of chocolate and a picture of her family.

I hope you guys are doing well. Ponderize haha, and learn to understand the promptings of the spirit. Also happy birthday Siena,
 keep you light shining

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