Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Well the first week with a new companion is always fun.. Adjusting and getting to know them is the first priory
. Elder Waddell is from Meridian Idaho which is just outside of Boise. He has 9 months in the mission... The weird part is the before he was my companion he was training and was senior companion. I guess president just felt that we should be together.-... It is different leading the area though. I have gotten lost a couple of times but we will figure it out soon enough.

We had an interchange like the second day of this change. It was interesting because I just barely got my new companion and then the district leaders were like, nope, lets do a change just to mess around with them the second day...
I stayed in my area of course and elder Garzon came with me.. I learned a lot with him and we had a lot of success.-

The scariest thing yet pretty funny that happened this week was the district meeting. This week after picking up materials we headed back to start the district. The only thing is when we knocked on one of the members houses to get the keys the member was not there. I called her early in the morning to make sure that we would have the keys, but she still was not there. The next thing I did is I started calling all the different members to see if they had a set of keys... The bishop had some keys so we took a mototaxi to his house which is pretty far away. We were knocking on the door but no one answered.... after calling the bishops wife the son of the bishop finally woke up and gave us the keys... We were heading back and then I got a phone call from a missionary in the district saying that the member with the keys just got back. We got back to the meeting just as I see president williams and sister Williams walk in... wow... there went my nerves... The meeting went okay... I thought it was horrible... but it was fine... then president wrote me  and said it was fantastic... so I am now relieved.

Today playing soccer i went to head the ball, but it ended up nailing my glasses... My glasses were fine and did not break but it left my nose with a huge gash... I was bleeding and all. I am fine, but my nose just look really ugly. and it hurts a little too..

There is a multizone this week.. sweet beans.

Shout out to my little sister Bekah was moving on in the Sterling Scholars... wow what talent.. I wish I was there to see you... Now just take state.

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