Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

I am sad to leave this area. After having 5 months and 2 weeks here you really get to know and love the people here.  I am doing back to DORADO the zone where I started my mission. I will most likely finish my mission there. This next couple of weeks will be a bit stressful though becuase I was put as Zone Leader... Well, I really do not know how I feel right now. Tonight I will be passing by each house saying good bye... I will shed a lot of tears tonight. It feels like I am leaving part of my heart here in Las Brisas. I for sure want to visit here again. The only question in when and how to balance the trip with my studies and work..... I am triste.... sad...and nervous.

Photo from Pension

It is tonight before knowing the changes

We took this picture before the news of the changes

I Love this family

I will leave my son and return to Dorado