Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 23, 2016

This week was a great yet surprisingly week. With both ups and downs, surprises and disappointments. I really enjoyed the training we received this week. What touched me most was the part about Family History. I was overcome with a very sweet and joyful spirit as we watched the video. Now we are trying to implement all into the field. I know that the fruits will come. We started with a recent convert who is trying to prepare to be sealed as a family. They have seven months as converts and are going strong. We are mostly helping the father, Carlos Lozano, so that he can receive the Melchizedek priesthood. He still struggles to keep tithing, besides that he is there. It is funny how deadly accurate the 2016 plan is for the area that we need to ensure that all members, converts, and investigators understand the doctrine of Christ and tithing and the Sabbath day.
Carlos entered family search and started little by little. He is only up to his parents due to the lack of all his family dates. That is what happens when your parents were all farmers.

Elder Surco is doing well. He is a great support in all. Especially ward council. He had some experience as the second counselor of the Young Men, so he knows how to work more efficiently.

The only thing that we need to really work on is contacting. This week we are going to go crazy. I know that he we be a contacting machine in no time.
Well I wanted to send pictures today but this computer is super old and the usb does not work so you will not how my new companion looks yet. This week there was a multi zone with president and Sister Williams. They talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and also about family history and how we can use it as a better tool. More it was explaining why we should be ready to teach and be proud of our family history. They showed a really cool video about it and while I watched it I really felt the spirit strongly. President said that basically if you want to have an experience with people on the other side of the veil basically do family history. I reflected back on my history from the Mecham side with the really cool story o Joshua Mecham whom surprisingly I share his name. He was the first convert of the Mecham family. Baptized at the age of 63 on a special day for both me and him. December 10. He saws served missions in to help the Indian nation. And he or his sons served as body guards for Joseph Smith. It is really interesting that I share his name because it was Grandpa Bitner that felt that I should be named Joshua. I am proud to be his descendant and proud for his decision because now over 7 generations later I am preaching the gospel to the Peruvian people. The Gospel is the answer to all the calamities in the world. In 3 Nephi 11. Christ establishes his doctrine three different times. The same number of times the Nephites heard his voice. That means that it is the thing of most importance. We as mortal beings suffer from so many weaknesses and it takes us more than one to capture the gospel. It take countless times, but when we do turn to God and Christ we are filled with joy.
DO family history..
Elder Mecham