Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13

I hope all if well at home. This week was an interesting week, weird, different, but a plain o good week in general. Especially today because it is Pday.

The Highlights of the week:

    (It was perfect, thank you) Thank you to all that helped make it
         I LOVE Y´ALL
         To be honest it made me miss home
But that does not mean I am trunky

2. There were suprise interviews
     I was stoked... It meant I could go out of the zone and actually see other parts of Chiclayo.

Plus, I enjoy chatting with President Williams.
At the beginning of the mission I was so nervous, but now I am likeBringItSon. #JustDoit #ImissTechnologyandMusic

ONe thing that stood out to me is he said that I should write down my questions for him, so I quote, When your district leader, you will.....

Freaking, REally, WHy, well here we go.


I have realized that all I have done so far in life has prepared me for now, the time is coming close, so get your acts together. In conference, if I am not mistaken, one of the general authorities mentioned the second coming is near. What does near mean? Does that matter, All I care is I want to be caught in the act of serving people when our Savior, Comes again. 

K. I. S. S. 
Keep It Simple Stupid or Student your Choice (THIS IS NOT MINE) 

Love you all, I hope this turns out fine on the blog.
I can see why dad hates soup.  EWWW!

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