Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

This week

Our week was wonderful. Conference was I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT IN WORDS. I will now download the entire 12 hours to review and study and cherish the words in my heart. The family sure is under attack.

Yeah the highlight of my week was actually sunday night after conference. Elder Unruh and I set a fecha on Gina Vidarte for the 2nd of may. What is cool is the actions leading up to this date. We had a family that just basically failed on off. They chose to just stop having us come. It was heart=wrenching. The next days I prayed, studied, and hoped for a family or a baptismal. While I was reading during personal study I came a across a verse that spoke to me. One thing I love to study in the scriptures my name which is Joshua. I was reading and boom it says Joshua son of Nun. This part didn't mean anything to me before, but it hit me about a family that we have been teaching. They had an uncle in our ward named Nun. Wow. WOW. Is all I can say. We asked Nun to come teach with us. The second time we taught with him Gina accepted the date and she is ready. Her sister said she didn't know yet, but said if she came to know for herself then she would also get baptized. Also this family came to conference. YES.

All I can say was this was a miracle and inspiration.
My Bishop

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