Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27

Abril 20 to Abril 26 plus a few too.

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Changes brought new people in the District such as a new district leader named Elder Mortensen. Tomorrow I do intercambios with him, so Hopefully it goes well. I miss the others that had changes but saddly that is the mission. The sad part is Elder Breas was changed to Cajamarca. Which means he will be split into the other mission. Well nos vemos en la otra vida. haha.

Gina Vidarte has a baptismal date for May 2nd. She turns 18 this tuesday and then thursday she will be interviewed. She has been meeting with the missionaries for over a year, the only thing that held her back is now in the mission the baptismal candidate must be an adult. Period. President Williams allows no exceptions... She is an example of patience. She was willing to wait. Her uncle will baptize her to I hope all goes well.

I Have a hammock now I just need to figure out how to hang it up?¡!

Elder Unruh and I ordered New Testaments from online and they showed up already. The church is really fast.

My favorite scripture for the week Marcos Mark 2:27 and 28
Why? The sabbath was made for the benefit of man. Man did not make the sabbath. It is smart just to keep it. Plain and simple. Period. Nada mas. With all Gods commandments if we have faith enough to keep them we will be able to. period. Jaja. haha.
Also its the Saviours day.

Weird story... I guess I woke my companion up by my sleep talking. He asked me the next day and he was like, [ So did you have a bad dream or so,[ I was like no,,, I don{t remember my dream... He said I was yellling, and I quote, Donde esta mi compaƑero, donde esta mi comp...


Wow im tired...

Elder Mecham

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