Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 4, 2015

4 DE MAYO 6 monthes 
That only means I have 18 morhtes left to work my Heart out
I am Happy, yet a little sad... I love this work.

Cool sats
" baptisms Blanca Santos and Gina Vidarte
And lots of Contactings, lessons, ... etc.

Higlights of My week
Interchanges with Elder Mortensen
I learned to to better ask for references
For the best success there is a need for 19 new investigators every week
Contacting is not that bad
Have fun with the mission
Stay bust and obedience brings miracles

Adude called us up and asked if we were to die today would we go to heaven... The way he asked the qeustep was strange and his tone of voice.. I felt like it was a trap. So I asked him what the heaven were to him.
He got upset and started jumping to conclusiosn, and he attacked the church. The best part was w he told us he knew us and that we were teaching blasphemy. Elder Unruh said, [ Really, then what is my name ( covering up his tag9. Dude ¨ummmmm.... well the libro de mormon, uh, what does mormon mean? Elder Unruhy, Ïts a person.... The Dude; ¨NO! MORMON = POLYGAMY!! Then the guys stomped off. I was then thinking Silly paster, Hate, is of the devil. 

Then we ran into other drugs. but that is usual.
 Ginas baptism= amazing. I gave a mensaje which was easy. The best part is her uncle baptized her. I was in tears because I was overcome by the spirit. I could feel that the lord accepted this baptizsm.  It is amazing. I feeling I cannot desribe with words. I love this work. The church is true. Amamen.

My district leader and I on interchanges

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