Monday, August 17, 2015

Another great work week down and almost another change gone from the mission. 

The multizone was very enjoyable. It was nice to come to Chiclayo again and see everyone and participate as a real multizone with more than 1 zone. I really enjoyed the lesson Hna Williams gave a pride. That talk is amazing and can be applied in any teaching situation. It is very clear that pride is one of the biggest sins we have as human beings. The thing is most people do not recognize that there is pride in there life because they define the word according to the worldly definition. Never would I have thought of the definition of enmity. Basically it is the opposition of the will of god in favor with the will of oneself or of man. Basically pride is the essense of the natural man, the trust in the arm of flesh. We have taught many investigators about pride this past 2 weeks. I really enjoy teaching about pride when we introduce the book of mormon because it is one of the underlying themes of the book of mormon.

My companion: He is constantly reminding me how many days he has left. It is kind of funny. The thing is that I admire about him is despite only having one more change in the mission he is working as hard as he can. He motivates the district to always improve and with him we are setting the example for the district of a great area. He always has a great work attitude to complete and pass the goals. The other thing amazing about him is his knowledge of the scripures. I want to become like a missionary like him. A strong leader, hard worker, who knows how to enjoy the mission while having success at the same time.
IT was sad to see him fall sick this week. He was not able to leave and preach. SO we did splits so I could continue working while he rested. The thing that was very honorable about him was that he told to work hard so that we could acheive our goals. I will be glad to have another change with him here in Jaen.

The area; Joel is doing great. He received the first lesson well and we even put a baptismal date on him for the 12 of september. It is a date of faith but I feel he will be able to complete it. He has his cousin in the ward who is helping him out a lot. We finished lesson one and before we taught the restoration, he already knew about Jose Smith because his cousin showed him the restoration video. He came to church again for the second time in a row. We are trying hard to complete the goal of having investigators with dates assisting. We visited Charles and Mari again. We are focusing on the book of mormon and the importance of reading and gaining a testimony. We read about Nephi in chapter 3, and the other time we read 3 nephi 11. The worked a lot of things out between the two but there is still a way to go. Hna paty finally returned. Sadly though she did not make it to church. We are going to visit her tomorrow!!

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