Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3

This was another great work week. Elder Flores and I are trying to change the low numbers of the zone with lessons with members. For this reason we are working hard to leave with members and find more people to teach. 

This week I did I work visit with the zone leaders. It was nice to get to know the other zone leader named elder Otivo. He will end his mission in 2 weeks and he is excited to start life again. He is very wise though when it came to the scriptures. The thing I liked about the visit with him is we talked about the importance of teaching well and teaching to have conversos and not less actives. The cool thing is he could take any scripture from the book of mormon and apply it in a profound way in any lesson. He is a really great example of a great leader and an obedient missionary. The next week we will do any work visit with the elders of miraflores.

Also Elder Bednar is going to come and visit the mission. Now we have 3 talks that we need to study in depth before he comes. They all are about faith and conversion. Some of them are really cool. The cool part is we will get to travel to Chiclayo to see him. Also for the next multi zone next week we will also get to come down from Jaen to Chiclayo. It is a 6 hour and half drive but is really enjoyable to travel. Plus, usually the zone Jaen does not get to come down, but this time we get to see all the other zones and our friends.

President Williams and Hna Williams came and visited and interviewed all the missionaries. It was nice to talk with presidente again, and the best part is his wife always gives us cookies. The best part of his visit is that he came out with us on one of our appointments. The funny part is we had planned a certain lesson, but presidente likes to told so he changed the whole thing. Basically it was 40 mins of presidente and 2 minutes my companion 2 minutes me, but it was a really cool lesson. As almost every couple here in peru is not married, presidente talked about the importance of marriage, repentence, and forgiveness. He burned them harshly but in a lovingly way. It was really amazing.

This p day we saw a museum. Ate at a restaurant and chilled. It is sad there are so many cool nature places to visit, but we cannot because some other missionaries before did stupid things.... Well it is still nice to just relax though.

HOpe all is well at home
 Also this is what president wrote me after the lesson apart from his regular letters:

Just a quick note.. It was great to have an interview with you today. You are doing great and I appreciate your sincere work ethic and steadiness! I know I talked a lot in the discussion on Saturday.. but what you said was great and powerful and connected everything I was trying to say. thank you for your testimony and courage to bear witness of true principles... You are a great missionary. Thank you.

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