Monday, August 10, 2015

Aug 10

Another week has flown by in the mission, I cannot believe sometimes how fast the mission goes. My companion and I are doing well. One thing I still do not understand is why Peruvians think drinking cold drinks and water with ice makes you sick, It just does not have any logic.

This week Elder Flores told me that now that I have 9 monthes I need to be putting in more effort in contacting and improving my lessons. Since that day I have been doing to majority of the contacting and invitations to baptism. I am glad he was frank with me because it is helping me improve a lot. I have set goals to have more personal iniative so that I willl improve as a missionary and with my spanish. I am glad he is my companion. He has so much energy and drive to fulfill the work and accomplish high goals. He really is very inspiring. One question he had and I too was why he never had the opportunity to be zone leader. He would have had the best zone in the mission. But I can see that he does really well to strengthen and improve the district with his lessons and his personality.

This week our investigators Charles and Mari are not doing very well. After we visited hna mari with you we returned and talked about the gospel and repentace with Charles. Sadly they ended up fighting during the lesson. Elder Flores tried to have a Companionship inventory with them, like he had each of them say strengths about the other. Hno Charles could come up with strengths for mari, but Mari said that there are zero things she likes about Charles. They are really struggling with their relationship. Then we decided to have a family home evening with them to help them out. It started off nice and neat, but after the lesson the two had a huge fight. We were with members who tried to help them and calm them down but the two just kept insulting eachother. There is a lot of pride between the two of them. The fight was very ugly and very sad. We are going to leave them for awhile so that they can resolve some of their problems. We will be praying for them. What else can we do for them? Paty still is away for work so we visited Jose. We shared about the book of mormon and the importance to prayer and read. We are trying to do are best to share the WHY of all the lessons with him, so that he will see the importance of our lessons. We found a new investigator named Joel this week. He was a reference from the Hnas. He is divorced and living single, so we will not have to worry about getting him married. He is the cousion of one of the members in the ward, so this should really help with having a friend in the ward. We shared about prophets and then invited him to church. The next day he came to church with us the whole 3 hours. I am excited to start teaching him. He seems like the chosen investigator we have been searching for. This next week we will use the ward directory to find less actives that can progress. During the process we are going to search for pfs and new people to teach.

The area is improving with the help of the members. Yet we still lack a lot of investigators. 

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