Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

This week is just jam packed with a lot of great stuff that happened. Where to start...

Well first this Tuesday we had interviews with president Williams, his wife, and the assistants. Weird right, the assistants, but it was a blast to travel to Chiclayo. On the way there was a fun experience.. jaja, Combis are always just so interesting, just the type of things you see and hear when you are jammed into a tight 10 man mini bus with about 30 people in it. Well on to the story we got on the bus and we had great seats, the best you could get in the combi. As we headed out to Chiclayo the combi was getting fuller and yet fuller. At one stop some old lady and girls got on, so I did the right thing and gave up my seat. As we kept going it just became worse and more packed. At the end of the trip I was riding backwards, on a tiny seat, this is worse than standing... It just felt like a ride in lagoon so it was enjoyable... The cobrador tried to knock the price down for me because he watched me get moved from what is like a first class to the worst... I basically told the guy no.. And that I enjoyed giving up the seats... The guy was shocked and insisted again... But i am stubborn so he had no chance... I just felt good.. You cannot pay for those types of feeling.

Wednesday was Elder Darrington's B day.. It is always hard to celebrate the birthday away from home, but I tried to make it a good day with him... We were really blessed though because this day all of our appointments stayed strong, and we ended up finding 3 new investigators. At night the members surprised my comp with a nice cake.. This members here are the best.

We had a work visit.. I went to an area called Pucala which is just a branch. It was fun just getting to know new people, the members here are so strong.. I really feel like a bum as a member compared to the sacrifice

these people make. I went with elder lozano, a colombian, that is basically a stud. I brought my soccer ball and we played in the morning to get some exercise in. It was also the birthday of the daughter of their penscion, so I took the liberty of the Peruvian traditions and smashed an egg on her head. The birthday traditions here are so fun.

The best thing is we have a baptismal date for Jojo or Kevin Joel Guillermo Huaman. He will be baptized in 2 weeks on the 28th of November. I am super happy. He will be the first of many here in this area. 

Wow, another change has flown by in the mission... Joy overcomed my soul when they said I did not have changes.. Thank goodness. 

Elder Mecham.

Happy Friday the 13th from Peru
 This last Sunday I played for sacrament meeting... That was a fun and great experience

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