Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 9, 2015

OH, I half way there, O o, living on a prayer, Take my hand we will make it I swear,

oh oh living on a prayer

To be honest I really cannot believe I have been on the mission for a year... I have learned many things, yet I have so much more I need to learn. 

The thing most important is that we need to love everything... Our circumstances, blessings, trials, family, friends, enemies, work, and most importantly God. Really we cannot do anything without His help. All of our blessing come from him, all of our talents, progress, everything. I really know that the Savior guiding this church, God knows how to do his work, and he works in small and simple ways.. I can say by small simple things we are made strong. I love the spanish saying of OLA... Orar Leer Asistir... Really it is that simple just prayer, read the scriptures, and go to church. We must do it with full intent of heart, and a willingness to change and push ourselves. I know the Book of Mormon is the best book. By not reading and feasting upon its advices we shut ourselves from pure wisdom and answers that we need.

The week was amazing, we had zone conference, where they taught that we need to invite everyone to baptism the first lesson, and the second lesson we must put a date... If they do not accept, we need to drop the investigators and move to the ones that God has prepared. It is actually really hard, because I see every person I meet standing all in white... not baptisaml white but temple white as an eternal family. This week many people came to church. 3 investigators just came on their own accords, God works in mysterious ways.

I know that this is God s work... Christ lives... 

Well I will be able to say I have fought the good fight, like Paul,, one more year,, what a blessing.

Bring it..... The time is now,,,

see yous in a year,, hahahah

Elder Mecham
Ha in the picture i put a filter on.. I am really not that red

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