Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 14, 2015

What a fanntastic week!!!!

First my birthday was great. We had a district meeting in Patapo where they sang to me. And of course I received many eggs on my head. The thing is, it was not my first rodeo in receiving eggs. The first egg I completely dodged, the second no... But the elders that smashed them on my head, I gave them a great big hug, and rubbed my head all over their shirts...They should have seen it coming.... haha.
Jorge Torres, my recent convert, had his birthday on the 10th. It was funny because he did not believe me when I told him, he made me take out my visa to prove it to him. Then he gave us cake and we laughed.

On Friday, there was a multizone activity in Chiclayo with half the mission. Usually multizones are where we learn a lot, and it is super spiritual,but this one was a Christmas party. We got there played ping pong until everyone arrived and then we walked to Rokys and ate pollo a la brasa with inca kola and icecream. It was good. The funny thing is we filled the entire top floor of restaurant, and all the peruvians were like,, what in the world his going on? A bunch of gringos and Latinos in white shirts and ties all walking togehter and eating here... It must be the end of the world. Afterwards, we did our skits, and watched santa claus is coming to town,,,the classic Christmas tale with the mailman and the burger meister meister burger.
It was a great time. After we ate banana splits and they gave a some gifts from the mission: a custom made temple recommend holder with a picture of the trujillo temple on one side saying mision peru Chiclayo, and the other side has a picture a Presidente y Hermana Williams that says in spanish with lots of love and care. It is sweet.

After, the party we tried to get back to our area, but there were not combis that late in the night. So we stayed with the assistants and they ordered pizza hut. Also my package showed up afterwards too. What a blessing....
After chatting basically all night,.... haha... the assistants... we went back to the cria just to travel again for stake conference. Elder Wilson Calderon spoke on the key to being happy is serving.. Then he had all the elders and sisters stand up.. He then said, look these are happy people and for this reason.

Sunday, for the general session of stake conference we watched it in the cria at the chapel. The sad thing is that the internet feed did not work, so we missed over half of the conference. To calm the congregation, I played prelude Christmas music..

Then today we played soccer and football with my new gift also.

Thanks for the package.. the tree was awesome,, thanks so much... I will for sure see star wars when I get home. I opened the football right away.. and the music because I am putting it on an mp3 player right now. It is hard to add music to the iPod, because I do not have the iTunes account and pass word for it

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