Monday, December 28, 2015

December 22, 2015

HAHAHAHAHA Merry Christmas

Hey the internet did not work yesterday so now we got permission from president to write right now.. how are you.. this week went well. The past week we did a work visit with the elders from Pucala. It was a little annoying because it was scheduled that I would stay in our area and Elder Darrington would go to pucala. They called the morning of and changed it all. It was actually annoying, but what evers you go where you go. It turned out well.

The only thing is work visits are always fun and something different always happens... for example the penscion of pucala gave me a tomale.. the last time they were delicious but thing time well lets just say i almost barfed. I was half way through eating the tamale when I bit into some chicken that was completely raw. How gross. I walked with elder Lozano and block and then I threw it to the dogs... the sad part is  the dogs would not even touch the tamale either.... that is when you know it is bad. The good part of the work visit is that it was the birthday of one of the members there. We were just passing by and we saw all these little kids eating cake, popcorn, and jell o. Next thing I know the ward mission leader, a big fat dude, was calling the kids over... He basically coerced the kids to show them what they had then he ripped the popcorn out of the hands out of one of the smaller children. The sight was hilarious a grown man stealing popcorn from a 3  year old. Later the family ended up giving us cake, jell o, and popcorn. The best part was that the little kids tried to get even with the ward mission leader of pucala. The little kid ran in got some of his older buddies and they started to attack the poor guy. His shirt was white when we started and later it is completely covered in dirt and grime.. . Moral of the story is do not steal popcorn from a peruvian.

On friday we went and sang in the plaza de armas or the town center of chiclayo. It was a blast to sing and see a lot of my friends and buddies from the mission. The cool thing is the mayor of chiclayo was there and also a whole camera crew, so we were live in the peruvian television. We also contacted like crazy there in the square.. .there were so many people. at the end of the night we stayed in chiclayo.. the best part is we stayed in the room of the zone leaders of chiclayo central which one of them is elder nordhoff my old companion. He took us to eat at a nice american style pizza place, where I ate the best pizza I have tried  in peru... Why was it so good, well because an american made it... The owner of the store is a guy named Bob that moved to peru married a girl and started a pizza restaurant. . the guy is awesome... he is from portland maine.... He also also taking the lessons from the missionaries... he will b e a great member.

Pedro pablo is doing well... Each time we meet with him he tells us more how since he has taken the visits from us he has changed and become basically a new creature... The man is inspiring... he lives in one of the humblest houses I have seen, yet he is happier than ever.... Money does not equal happiness folks... He is perparing for the 23rd of January.... This man is a testimony builder... you guys just got to meet him one day.

Well feliz navidad,,,, Go UTES... 5 consecutive games in a row over the BYU... Remember... Ha Nacido un Salvador    

With my buds,, Los cuys muertos... Also with Elder Nordhoff


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