Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

Hey well suprise.... After skyping with you guys I received a phone call from the assistants that I will have a change and that I will become a district leader... My anticipations were confirmed that yep,,, I am leaving the Cria... The suprising part this time is I actually know where I am going and who will be me new companion. I am heading off tomorrow to an area in chiclayo called las brisas or the breezes.. It will be really different actually being close to the center of chiclayo. I will be in the Chiclayo Central zone. I am actually devastated to leave Elder Darrington. We have become great friends yet it will be really easy to see eachother after the mission because we live the max 7 minutes away from eachother. Oh my new companion is named elder Isuiza... he is from Lima and will be my first companion from peru... the funniest part is this guy is basically a midget... well not quite but it is really short... He has the same time as my stepson in the mission... I feel that it will help my accent having a companion that is actually from peru.

This last sunday all the ward members new I was going, and it was hard... .they were all saying their good byes... I hate good byes... it hurts... I love these people... AND I WILL SEE THEM AGAIN IN PERU..... when I come back with the family to do a little tour of all my areas. and hopefully see Machu pichu.. Haha one of the speakers did not show up so the bishop... haha... during the passing of the sacrament had one of his cousnelors pass me on note give a talk... I was fine with it... It was just another great time to thank the ward for all their help and love and support. I then talked about the atonement and the importance of being humble.... I shared isaiah 1 18 and 19 and talked about the cleaniness and whitenss of snow... I even mentioned how you guys held up and showed me the snow during our skype call.

I will be on later today... hope to see you all on because I love to chat with all of you guys..

love you a ton... Happy New year... haha next year I am coming home.. Time to kick it in to the top gear... Lider de distrito here I come...

Bring it

Elder Mecham

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