Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2015

Wow so there went 2015... Cheers to all.... Last night peru had a blast shooting off fire works and burning huge dolls. It is actually kinda funny. The spend all this time dressing up hay dolls so they can burn the old year and welcome in the new year. Most of the dolls are life sized yet some people just go out... There was a huge dragon and then another one that was over 3 stories tall. For new years we had to be inside the room by 8 o clock because the drunks sometimes go overboard and start doing stupid things... I was super tired so I just went to bed,,, my comp did the same... I knew that at 12am I would be woken up by a bunch of fireworks... I was right... right on time the fireworks started... It sounded like a war outside... so I went and watched for a little bit.

I am slowly adjusting to being in my new area... It is really different being back in the city where I now need to worry about being robbed or attacked by random people... For example my first day here some guys stopped us and asked for my banana... My banana.... haha... I was like ya sweet I really was not going to eat it anyway... My companion thought they were going to take my watch but all they wanted was a little snack... Which is hilarious for me.

So far being district leader has not been too bad.. I taught my first class on wednesday. I think it went well. The nice thing is because there is going to be zone training next week I will have even more time to prepare and have an awesome class. With practices and all... The only annoying thing here in my new area is that all the mosquitos come out at night. i am being eaten alive.. It does not matter if I put on bug spray they still eat me up. Last night we bought a repellant that we can plug into the wall. Well it helped but they still ate me alive.. haha... I need to eat more garlick now I guess.

To be honest I miss Elder Darrington.. he is a stud... I hope he has a great mission because I probably will not see him too much any more...

My new companion is not from Lima but from Huanaco... he is a short really funny guy that loves to serve his peruvian people..  We painted a house yesterday, and the day before we helped fix an old lady{s roof... Also this area has a lot of families that are preparing to get baptized which is sweet.

Today we played soccer, ping pong, air hockey, uno... and ate some good treats and the institute building... I will now have the privilege to be able to go to a lot of different stores and restaurants because this zone is in the center of chiclayo...

I hope that you all are having a great new year... haha this year I will be coming home... I finished the year where I do not see the family

Elder Mecham

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