Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2015

Well time is going by fast now....

This week we had the opportunity to plant some trees and help some other people out.

The best part of this week was one of our investigators named Oscar finally accepted a baptismal date. We have been trying to put a date on him for over a month now.. Now he is going to be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday. His only problem that he had before is that he had not received his answer to his prayer yet.. He left him many assignments to read in the Book of Mormon, but every time we would go and ask him about his prayers he would just tell us that as he prayed he felt the same. 
This last week we had the great idea to have him come help us with service. Then he started to leave with us more often. The we just gave him a paper and told he to put the date he was going to get baptized and give to to us on Sunday... Then this Sunday he gave us the note...

It makes me super excited

Well I hope you are all doing well


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