Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2016

Well not to much has gone down since  Friday... lets just say it was really nice to have 2 pdays back to back... It is kind of weird too.. Today, we went to the institute building again to play soccer, ping pong, air hockey and uno. It is nice to be in a zone where all the elders are not 30 minutes away so it is much easier to do fun things. Afterwards we went to Metros which is basically walmart and I bought a giant sandwich because I was hungry.

This Sunday I had the pleasure to meet the new ward.. They seem pretty cool but I have to say that I really miss my old ward in Cria,. They are just so nice and loving... here in the city you can say Buenos Dias to someone and they will not even notice that you are a living breathing creature... The Cria it is rude not to say hi when people walk by. Also something that I really miss is that all the members in the Cria wanted to come out and teach with us... In this week, only one member has come out with us... I will make sure that we change this around... Haha as a welcome gift to the Las Brisas ward they had me teach the Principles of the Gospel class. Winging it is alwaysfun. Especially if it is a topic about the signs of the second coming... It went well and I felt the spirit so that is all that matters.

My comp is a cool little guy.. They guy is probably barely of just a little shorter than 5 ft... haha... He is 25 years old and he will soon 26.. He has a really cool story about him leaving the  church and getting into a lot of things that he should not have. Then later he came back... after having an accident where someone stabbed in with a knife which resulted in a lung and heart surgery... Lets just say he has a powerful testimony when it comes to Less actives... He has about 6 monthes in the mission and will finish when he turns 27... but he already has his degree as a Civil Engineer and a girl friend that is waiting for him... She is so much taller than him... it is funny.

Well I am doing well... Learning this new area which is huge compared to any of the areas I have had in the past... Also I am getting in the hang of being District Leader... it is a little different but cool.


until next week

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