Monday, January 25, 2016

January 18, 2016

This week was another great week of work and service. This week we painted again... I actually like painting... The weird thing is the colors of the paint here are so weird.... Who paints their house neon green... whatever their choice...
This time we painted the metal window guards for a poor old lady named Pifania. It was fun... Also my hands were brown for basically all of this week because we used sponges to paint.

So since, Mom asked... District Leader is basically I am in charge of 5 other missionaries. Each week we have a district meeting that is about an hour and a half where I teach them and encourage them to be better and work smarter and harder. Also I have the opportunity to take all the numbers Sunday nights so that I report to the zone leaders. If the zone leaders have an announcement they call me... Also Fridays and call and ask if there are any baptismal or rescue date for the weekend. The coolest part is as district leader I get to do work visits, where I go to the other areas of the missionaries in my district to see how the are working and how the are getting along with their companions. The work visit lasts for 24 hours or a little less. And that is basically it... but my main job though is teach the gospel, find people, and baptize... Also their is a big responsibility to set an example to the district with all that I do... Easy... It is more just another opportunity to serve others...

This week we helped The Mori family do a cabritada which is a fundraiser like a bake sale but with goat... and rice and beans... we sold them to the members of the ward and then helped deliver the end product. Haha my entire district and the zone leaders bought some... all the earned money went to pay for the marriage of the Mori family... it was a success. Cabrito or goat is actually really really tasty. You guys should all try some.. The mori family will be getting married soon and then on the 30th they will all be baptized.

Hope all is going well over there..

Thanks Grandma, and aunt Sara

Elder Mecham

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