Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

Well that was another great week.... Well the highlights of this past week was that now Vanesa Cubas has a date set for a baptismal interview. She will be interviewed on Friday.... the only bad thing is that Friday she will be interviewed and then either the baptism will be this Saturday, which is not likely, or it won't be until the 16 of April... Why you may ask... well. An investigator needs to be confirmedasap so if she got baptized on a Friday before general conference then she would have to wait until the next week... which would be perfectly fine but here on the 10 of April is the Peruvian presidential election. Which prohibits any meetings religious of nonreligious. So there is not going to be church on the 10th due to the election... so weird... so she would have to get baptized on the 16th of april... I really hope that I am here to see it happen... well I am going to push for this week then.

Reyna Mori had her baptismal interview scheduled for this last friday but sadly she had to go to work... Then she could not even make it for church... I am worried about her. 

On Friday we had a Noche de cine or basically a ward movie night.. They left us in charge of finding a movie that was semi-religious... The only thing is how are we going to find a movie with our schedule... All we brought was MEET THE MORMONs which most people have already seen. What evs it was fun because the ward rented out a projector for 50 soles. the funny thing was it was for only an hour but the left if for 3 hours and only charged the hour. We drank for soda and ate some empanatas.. yum...

Saturday most of the lessons fell through so we contacted at tried to get into peoples houses. well my companion saw a service opportunity so he took it. He helped a school clear out some dirt... not just some it was a huge amount.... the best part is that we did not even know these people and we got super dirty in our white shirts and ties... Bucket by bucket we helped move huge piles of dirt. Service is always so much fun. The best part is I felt accomplished and happy... I challenged you guys to find these simple opportunities to serve. Now I can say that I helped build a school... that phrase just sounds cool.

Love you all

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