Monday, March 21, 2016

March 7, 2016

The mission has now a huge push to give out as many books of Mormon as possible so we have been pushing hard as a district. Doing many practices and trying to give them away in the streets. I have even challenged my recent converts to give them away to their friend. This week we were able to triple the number of book of Mormon that we gave away last week. This next week we are going to do the same. We must flood the work with books of Mormon.

I am doing well.

A less active guy told us a story about when the spirit protected him before he was even a member. He told us that he had this neighbor that they were both great friends. but the neighbor wanted his daughter to marry her son.,รง

he did not really care for the son and said no... later the neighbor invited them over for dinner and served them some soup and dinner. His children were all there except for the one daughter. One of his children were about to eat and he stopped them so that they could prayer over the food.After the prayer he felt like vomiting. So he stopped his family from eating the food, and tested the food by giving it to the dog. The dog died within 5 minutes. He told us that he was protected by god in this moment. Later the neighbor came to see if her dead was completed and found that they were fine. He asked her what was wrong. and she just denied everything and never talked to him again.

Wow what a crazy experience..

I hope that you all do well

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