Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Well that was my last Easter in Peru... Easter here is so much different. Since the country is catholic they focus more on the death of Jesus Christ then the resurrection. Here they have Thursday and Friday off then after Saturday it is just like a normal weekend for everyone else. I made sure that I did not have to eat fish on Thursday and Friday,... I like a good salmon and trout but they have some weird stuff out here... no thanks... sometimes they try serve it with head and all.... who want to eat the eye balls... ohh i guess they do.. yumm.. was funny though because the penscionista was heading to the local market and she bought a lot of meat and chicken so that we would have some for the semana santa. The bishop´s wife was there and she gave the pensionista a weird look and then asked what the missionaries would think that she was not going to keep the commandments and give us fish.... What do I think I think it is perfectly fine and that they are funny to believe in the some traditions of their fathers.......

Vanesa and Reyna both passed their baptismal interviews so we will be having some baptisms coming up this change. after conference and the national voting here. I am phsyced.... I also have another change here.... so I will be able to see and be there for their big day.

By the way my penscionista martha says hi and sends her love home to alll.. especially to my mom,,, and elder waddells mom...

she says.... Les quiero mucho... cuidanse... y gracias por sus hijos y su amor.

Well watch conference and love it.

Elder Mecham

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