Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 18, 2015


This week was just another hard word week. We did splits this Sunday and we had a lot of success. I can say for my Spanish I can survive and live in a different country now.

But if it comes to answering the phone haha, it takes time and some repetition on the other person{s part, but it is all coming along.

We have an investigator that has now been coming to church frequently with his family who are members. I am hoping that he will accept a baptismal date that is for the 30th of may. Their family is heading to the Trujillo open house this next week on Saturday, so hopefully that does the trick for him. I would put money on the house of the Lord to help move the work forward.

About transfers to the other mission. All of Cajamarca and Guadelupe these two zones are going to the other mission. Basically how it will work is that the missionaries who are in these two zones will just transition over to a different mission. They will have a new president and all. 

There is a possibility that I go to the new mission. It would be idk different. I have become accustomed to President Williams and how he teaches, but I would more than willingly go to the other mission. I have 2 weeks left in this change and then yep I will have my first change.

Oh yah, this week there was a multi zone meeting. Basically we get together and learn how to be better missionaries. The best part is that they feed you good food too. We had pizza hut. That was the best. The other great part is seeing the other missionaries from the other zones. I saw 3 other missionaries that came to Chiclayo with me. One that was actually in my district in the CCM. THey were all doing well. The best part was I was actually able to have conversations with the latinos from my group.

President gave some great trainings. One on Jacob 5. But the main focus was how we should use the scriptures more in our teachings. The president did a demonstration with the assistant. And basically on the spot the assistant, Elder Lalli, answered all the presidents questions by reciting scripture masteries. It was amazing. So now my goal is to get the scripture masteries down in spanish.

Well life is good. LG

Elder Mecham

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

This week was really enjoyable, yet just another good week. A missionary came home this week, so the ward was super excited. So excited that they just skipped ward counsel. It was a strong ward counsel that consisted of the Bishop and the Relief Society President. The ward mission leader actually told all the others to not come... Well one day the counsel will all be there. Algun dia. But we did are part anyways.. When life gives you lemons... or limes make cebiche because it tastes better then lemonade, but lemonade is good too. I not gonna say no to a good lemonade. I just like food in general. I could dedicate a whole novel to my obsession with food. Starting with rice. Well ya right.

Mothers day here is a huge deal. Pervuvians celebrate basically all of the holidays in the united states and more. Mothers day hear basically starts on thursday and then it goes through the rest of the weekend. The ward put together a huge talent show. We were going to perform something, but with the typical mormon standard time, plus the pervuvian hour the did not start the talent show until 9:30pm which is the time we have to be in our room. The next day we just heard how great it was. We also heard the the show went until midnight. Pervuvians know how to party.

Basically i am doing all right. I am enjoying the Libro de Mormon. Today I read the part where Ammon dominates the freaking lamanites. The best part is I love how it describes the preparations of the sons of mosiah. The prayed and fasted. The feasted and knew the scriptures. It is my goal to qualify like them for the company of the spirit. They are beasts.

Love you all. Feel free to send packages. El Inka cost less. 

Elder Mecham

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 4, 2015

4 DE MAYO 6 monthes 
That only means I have 18 morhtes left to work my Heart out
I am Happy, yet a little sad... I love this work.

Cool sats
" baptisms Blanca Santos and Gina Vidarte
And lots of Contactings, lessons, ... etc.

Higlights of My week
Interchanges with Elder Mortensen
I learned to to better ask for references
For the best success there is a need for 19 new investigators every week
Contacting is not that bad
Have fun with the mission
Stay bust and obedience brings miracles

Adude called us up and asked if we were to die today would we go to heaven... The way he asked the qeustep was strange and his tone of voice.. I felt like it was a trap. So I asked him what the heaven were to him.
He got upset and started jumping to conclusiosn, and he attacked the church. The best part was w he told us he knew us and that we were teaching blasphemy. Elder Unruh said, [ Really, then what is my name ( covering up his tag9. Dude ¨ummmmm.... well the libro de mormon, uh, what does mormon mean? Elder Unruhy, Ïts a person.... The Dude; ¨NO! MORMON = POLYGAMY!! Then the guys stomped off. I was then thinking Silly paster, Hate, is of the devil. 

Then we ran into other drugs. but that is usual.
 Ginas baptism= amazing. I gave a mensaje which was easy. The best part is her uncle baptized her. I was in tears because I was overcome by the spirit. I could feel that the lord accepted this baptizsm.  It is amazing. I feeling I cannot desribe with words. I love this work. The church is true. Amamen.

My district leader and I on interchanges