Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29

So this week was another hard week of work. We are searching, contacting, and working are hearts out but not with too much success. But that doesn't matter all attempts to find people are counted. The highlights for this week for me was the baptism of the sisters and the service we did for one of our investigators. For the service project we helped the family Ramirez dig a ditch for their water pipe. Sadly right now they don't have any water in their house. So we took out the picks and shovels to help him out a little. The only thing is that he has to make the little trench over two blocks long to tap in the water line. It is going to take a long time... but it is good work and long. Elder Nordhoff got 4 blisters on his hands that looked so painful.
The Hermanas had a baptism this week for the Hermana Michelle mi chel li. So elder Nordhoff had the opportunity to interview his first baptismal candidate. During the interview I sat and talked with Hno Fausto. The baptismal was nice too. The only sad thing was that a member was having a birthday party at the same time, so they were blasting music while we were trying to feel the spirit. Right when Hna Michelle went to get baptized the starting screaming happy birthday. ohh typical Peru.... The other funny part is hno Fausto and hna Michelle are engaged so they had a cake at the baptism too. It basically looked like an engagement party too.
Then yesterday during church we got a shock that the Hermanas have emergency changes and that they are all going to the other mission. IT was kind of sad, all the Hermanas started to cry, but man they get to go to the new Trujillo temple why would they be so sad.... just how the hnas are though.

Then today we said good bye and waved them off as the bus drove away. We also played soccer.

The picture is of my district before two of the sisters were leaving to Trujillo. Now I am in a district of only 4 missionaries which is kind off sad. but it is life. A

Also peru is in the semi finals of the copa america. Peru vs Chile this night. We probably wont be able to get into any houses tonight. I wish I could watch it.

Elder Mecham

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 23

Well by far the coolest thing of this week was the temple dedication that took place in Trujillo. I did not have the opportunity to go the the open house and see the temple, but we had the opportunity to watch the cultural events and the dedication by satelite.

Saturday, we got a call saying we could just go and watch the cultural event. It was a surprise and yet really cool. So at 6 o clock we took a mototaxi to the stake center. We even bought some snacks and drinks to just chill and enjoy the culture of Peru. It was interesting, they talked about all the different indigenous tribes of northern peru. Then after they introduced a tribe the talked about a city and then the youth of that stake would dance a dance. Some of the dances were really cool. The weirdest though by far is in the part of the jungle they did a dance with armadillos. They dressed up as armadillos acted as they were fighting and they there was a hunter in the corner. At the end of the dance the hunter killed on of the armadillos and started to eat it.
It was really cool though becuase I saw people dance from the old stake that I served in, Dorado. It was really sweet and it brought back great memories seeing them. I mean I watched them practice their dance a couple times in the chapel, but It was really cool seeing the finished show. The coolest dance I saw had to be the dance by Chimbote which is basically the city of the fish. Of course the danced with fishing nets. At the end they brought out a little boat and threw fabric across the stage to make it look like water. Then they took the boat across and fished. Then a couple people ran with with back and forth. It was great.

The dedication was also really cool. We were able to attend all three sessions. Pres. Uchtdorf came and so did elder bednar. It was different seeing them being translated for... Also for some reason Uchtdorf just could not pronounce Trujillo. They gave some really uplifting talks in all three sessions. The only thing that I missed that was different was that the choir that they brought it was totally tone deaf... So is all of Peru.... But usually my favorite part of a temple dedication in the end when the sing the hosanna anthem with spirit of god. But this time it hurt to hear the pervuvians sing it. It was funny,, one time the choir hit a really horrible note and Elder Waddel cringed a little because he was sitting directly infront of them. They did their best though...

The week was a hard one for lessons. We did a lot of contacting in the streets, knocking doors, and we asked for references. But this week we just did not have a lot of success. It is disapointing but It is just the life and glory of of missionary. Some weeks suck, some weeks are the best time of your life. I feel it is just how life is. 

Oh, but it was really cool to see Jimmy Salas at the temple dedication. He just was baptized 2 weeks ago. That just made my day.

Oh and happy fathers day to all the fathers. Ya it is a day late but it still counts.

Peru actually advanced in the copa america. SO all the peruvians were super happy today..

Elder Mecham

Btw pappy... there are not senior misisonaries in my mission. To bad right.... And the missionaries of american fork west stake emailed me. They said that they need some more help from the members. So do you parts. Leave with the missionaries, give them people they can teach. It really helps a lot. Just do your part in the work.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Well this was an interesting week in Jaen.
Here in this zone they are struggling with lessons with members and then also the numbers of new investigators. We worked hard to have a member come out with us as often as possible. Also Elder Nordhoff has been helping me a lot more with my spanish.

We noticed a great improvement in lessons with members, but there is still a long way to go. 

Something interesting is a member from Elder Nordhoffs old ward came to visit for a day. I knew him too , this kid was a mini missionary for a whole change. It was cool he came and visited with us and caught up with elder Nordhoff. I guess when elder Nordhoff came into his ward he found this kid smoking drinking and stealing lots of money from his relatives. It is amazing to see how much of a change the missionaries had in his life. He is now preparing to leave for his mission this next Wednesday. He will be going to the Buenas Aires South mission. This kid is so awesome. So basically he stayed for a day and after he left it made Elder Nordhoff a little trunky to the point he just wanted to just contact and go eat. The next day his was ready to work.

So this district is a little funny because it has a funny name that the previous district leader put. It is called Las Galletas. First it translates to cookies... Which that is what  to paires of Sisters think the district is called, because usually someone brings cookies. But really Elder Miranda asked Elder Nordhoff for an insult for white people and elder nordhoff told him cracker. Galleta means both cookies and crackers, but only the elders and our pension, and the ward mission leader know the joke. It is even more true now because the district is pure Norte Americanos.

This week I also did an interchange with the zone leaders which were really enjoyable. The zone leaders actually get to cook their own food which is cool and which sucks some times. I learned quite a bit from the zls and just how to plan to teach. The only part that sucked is what the zl bough for dinner was just a bunch of rolls and milk. Which is lame... so I shared the food of the other zl.

Anyway it is freaking hot here. I have been told here the seasons are just freaking burning hot, or crazy raining seasons, so I guess I will have to get used to it. The only thing that sucks is that since it is hotter we must drink more liquids and really in this mission they don't give you much personal money to buy, but asi es la mision. 

Well best of luck at home,

Elder Mecham

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Well this week I had transfers. I said goodbye to Elder Unruh and then we went to the changes meetings. It was really hard saying good bye to all of my old area. I will miss all of them. Especially the bishop.

The changes meeting are always interesting because well you get to hear President and his wife give news about the mission. Like if the are opening any areas or if a general authority is coming. President talked about the coming up dedication of the Trujillo temple. Basically I will not see the Trujillo temple unless if i come back after my mission. This change was also very interesting because it was the last time people could be sent to the zones Cajamarca and Guandelupe because after the changes the mission split.

I was called to somewhere far away from everywhere like the Chiclayo and all the other zones. I was moved to a city called Jaen. Which is about 6 and a half hours away. I am still in The mission Chiclayo though. I am now in a ward called Morro Solar and my area is morro solar 2. I was nervous that I was going to get my first Latino companion, but nope it did not happen. The cool thing is I am companions with someone that was in the first district. I am also in the same area that my trainer elder Jarmon went to so the pension knows him. He was here for 5 changes so basically a really long time.

My companions Name is elder Nordhoff, he is from Sandy Utah. He is a cool guy. He played football for Hillcrest high. The coolest part is he knows Arabic. His friends are all Muslims and he is huge into history. He also really likes Palestine. He has the Palestinian flag hanging in the room and he has a bunch of free Palestine shirts. I think it is kind of funny.

Jaen is super hot. The cool thing is is it actually has a lot of plants and greenery. My old area Kennedy was just a bunch of dirt. It is somewhat hard to sleep here because it gets so hot in the room. I am happy to be here though.

All is well, I am still adjusting and doing my best to learn this area.

We also had a baptism,

Friday, June 5, 2015

June 1

yeah I have changes

so today I have been packing, we played soccer and also pulled out money, we then ate with a member for lunch. I will  this area. Tomorrow I will be changed to who knows where...

This area was amazing. I will really miss the bishop. 

This week we set a baptismal date on Miguel, I wont be here but I hope for the best for him.

I am doing well but I am nervous for this next week.

May 25

My week was okay this week. On tuesday, we walked to our district meeting and on the way we just contacted and handed out a bunch of temple open house invitations. The district meeting was really good too. Elder Mortensen talked about finding the miracles that are promised to us. The key is through obedience, diligence and faith. The Book of Mormen promises miracles and they do come. He also challenged us to seek the joy that comes from the work. I was all happy to start working again, but, my companion got super sick. Tuesday we did not leave the room. Then because we live in the same room I got sick the next day. We did not end up leaving the room until friday after weekly planning.

Oh, a funny thing this week, for the missionary ward activity they decided that they were going to watch a movie, and had a movie night. They put of in charge of finding the movie. We tried to get a hold of a copy of the testaments in spanish. Sadly it did not work out, but the Young Single Adults representative said that she had a movie and all would be taken care of in the end. When we showed up she showed us the movie. One it had nothing to do with the church. And the other funny thing is Elder Unruh looked on the back of the dvd and the movie was rated R. We tried to explain that they should not watch the movie. But I guess people in South America just do not understand the whole rating system. They have all been desensitized. So while the ward watched a rated R movie we ate popcorn and chatted with the bishop.

We found a new family, an entire family that we have began teaching. They seem pretty interested. I hope they progress, so they can eventually get sealed in the temple. They even went to the temple open house. The members, by way say the temple is gorgeous. Sadly, we will not get to see it. but I have a chance if I get changed missions which I doubt it. 

Well all is well. THis is the last week of the change then I will probably have my first transfer.

Elder Mecham