Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two weeks down

This was another fun week. Elder Evans came and spoke to us on Sunday. It was really amazing. He spoke once on tenacity and once on repentence. I really enjoyed his talk.
EARTHQUAke!!! There was an earthquake. Not a huge one. but BIg enough that we had to go outside until it stopped. I thought it was exciting, but some of the sisters were freaking out. It was just like a big massage.
The traffic here is crazy. WOrd.
Today I really enjoyed the Templo. I felt as if the veil was very thin. I felt comforted and empowered in the celestial room. I have more but I won{t tell about over email.
Can you send me grammies and pappys email.
I bought a GERMANY JERSERY. Makes me so happy. It was like 8 bucks. So worth it.
We watched Ephraim}s rescue. So cool
SPanish will come.
By the way. my pday is being moved to wednesday now so ya.
Love you guys,
Elder Joshua Mecham

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letter to Dad

I am doing well. We cannot upload pictures until we get out into the field.
Do you have any tips for learning Spanish?
I understand a lot of what people say, I just cannot respond and teach very well right now.
I love playing soccer with the Latinos here. You may have loved basketball at Provo; but in Peru it is all about soccer.
It is very cool though here. The air is smoggy but hey what do you expect.
So far I have learned how to pray in spanish, testify in spanish, teach about pray, and somewhat of Jose Smith. I really enjoy having the spirit constantly being felt as people share and bear there testimonies.
My P-days are thursdays so ya
Love you dad.
Elder Mecham

First week in the MTC/ CCM

Well I am slowly adjusting to the schedule and needs of an missionary. The first couple day were very long, and I was really tired. We arrived around 3 in the morning Peru time. On the way here I noticed a small miracle that already happened. As we were going through the gate to Board the plane a sister from St. George went to scan her ticket to board the plan. The delta worker handed the ticket back and said she was not on the correct flight and here plan left over 3 hours ago. I felt sorry for her too, because this was here first time flying. Our plane was very full, so all I could do was pray she could make it to Peru safely. As we changed planes in Atlanta I saw here come of the same plane I was on. Some how the delta managed to fit her on to a flight that was way overbooked. Just shows you God watches over the misionaries.

The language is bugging me because I can not speak it very well. I understand most things that are said, but I struggle to pronouce a lot of the words. It will come with patience, but right now it is just hard trying to teach investadores with what little spanish I know.
This morning we went to the Templo and it was amazing. It was a struggle to cross through the veil in spanish, but it just focused me in on what I should be doing on this mission. I felt at peace and just felt the everything will be okay. I then bought three ties one is red one is orange, and one is baby blue. The orange one has the templo on it, the blue one has a lama, and the red one which is really funny has a university of utah logo on it.

Please post my mission email on the blog and my facebook for me.

I do not really remember all my contacts emails so I cannot really email everyone, so if they want they can send me an email.

HAHA I am also singing in the choir on sunday when a general authority comes and visits.
I love the latinos here. Playing soccer with them is the BEST. I may not be able to score many goals, but I play very good defense. Yesterday I slid a saved a goal, and now some of the Latinos call me Beckham because it rythmes with Mecham and because david beckham is amazing at soccer.
Also the latinos love to try to buy ties off elders. <very funny when one tried to offer an elder a hundred dollars just for a tie. Life is good.

Yo se (the keyboard is being dumb so it would let me use accents) que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los utlimos dias es verdad. Yo se que Jose smith fue una profeta. Yo se que Dios amar me. Este testimonio me ayanda a vivir con fuerza y traer me paz y caridad.
I miss you all; but I am not home sick.

Btw I was showing pictures of the family. People saw Bekah's picture and thought she was gorgous... I am never showing elders Bekah´s picture again..
Tell Bekah, Terron, Mitch(bubba), Malyssa, and Brookie I love and miss them. Let them Know that I know the church is true. It is muy importante that they live what they know and seek to learn even more.

Also I will not be able to upload picture do to a change in the mtc rules this week. Some elder probably broke a rule and ruined it for everyone else here.
My compaƱero is a cool guy from Idaho Falls. Elder Romrell is his name. He is doing well.

Love you all,
Paz y Amor

Also I love the food!!!!!!! There is so much rice and chicken and yummy fruits.
Some people do not care for all the rice; but I love it so That is all that matters.