Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two weeks down

This was another fun week. Elder Evans came and spoke to us on Sunday. It was really amazing. He spoke once on tenacity and once on repentence. I really enjoyed his talk.
EARTHQUAke!!! There was an earthquake. Not a huge one. but BIg enough that we had to go outside until it stopped. I thought it was exciting, but some of the sisters were freaking out. It was just like a big massage.
The traffic here is crazy. WOrd.
Today I really enjoyed the Templo. I felt as if the veil was very thin. I felt comforted and empowered in the celestial room. I have more but I won{t tell about over email.
Can you send me grammies and pappys email.
I bought a GERMANY JERSERY. Makes me so happy. It was like 8 bucks. So worth it.
We watched Ephraim}s rescue. So cool
SPanish will come.
By the way. my pday is being moved to wednesday now so ya.
Love you guys,
Elder Joshua Mecham

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