Thursday, December 4, 2014

November 26

Hey another week has flown by in the CCM.
I feel I am understanding more and more Spanish everyday. Speaking though is another story...
I will really miss you guys tomorrow... I do know I will be fine but still it is the first thanksgiving without family.
Btw... How is the whole sending and receiving mail after the CCM going to go? will I be able to send things back or should I just hold off to the end of my 2 years to get suvenirs for you guys?
I bought a jersey that matches my companion and yes today I bought a peru jersey. It is really funny because the one that matches is the Luis Suarez jersey. Tell the kids it is the same jersey as the "Just bite it Guy". It makes me happy.
I wish mitch good luck with his eagle and scout work.
For thanksgiving the CCM is doing a mock thanksgiving. It won}t be the same but Hey at least they are trying.
Also I have not received any emails from brookie yet so hopefully next week on thursday.
Funny thing, Tanner, Jared, Brandon, and Tyler actually email eachother including me. Tanner has a baptismal date set. It is nice to stay in contact.
I am so thankful to be out here in Peru. I am so thankful to be your son!
I love you
Best of luck with thanksgiving
Elder Mecham
By the way the lights here are funny... You flip the switch and then it takes 3 to 10 seconds to turn on.. They flicker on too so it is almost like a horror movie.
Paz Y Amor

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