Thursday, December 25, 2014

Birthday and Leaving the CCM

 December 10, 2014

Well the end of the CCM is approaching; my spanish is not where I want it but hey whatevs that is life. It will come if I am diligent.
I am really going to miss my district. I will especially miss the elders. The picture send was of all the elders. Elder Secody is of the Navajo tribe. I love him to death. We already have plans on doing a district reuninon after the mission at lake powell and the Navajo reservation. He is going to the Arequipa mission. His companion is elder Nelson. He is a quiet, yet very intelligent young man. He was really fun to get to know. He is also going to the Arequipa mission.
Then there are the two other elders are heading off to Lima East which is basically where the CCM is. There is Elder Gibson and Elder Shurtz. Elder Gibson has a people personality and loves to learn new things. He is a MMA fighter and before the mission he served in a Spanish branch for 2 years with his dad in Alabama. He is cool but sometimes he is very annoying because he likes attention.
Elder Shurtz on the other hand is so funny. He lives to make people laugh he thrives on happiness. He is from Arizona also.
Elder Romrell is a nice guy. He is from Idaho and he played basketball for his highschool team. He loves to exercise. It was funny because he went for the behind the back pushup after doing over 150 pushups to show off. And cracked his chin open. Today his got his stitches out and his is good. Also yes he is going to Chiclayo.
So are the other 4 Hermanas in my district.
Personally I like all of my district. I tend to get along with people really well.
On sunday I was able to bless the sacrament in spanish. That was really nerve racking.. Trying to pronounce the prayer perfectly, but it was a really great experience. Speaking of sundays I have found that I really enjoy them. I cannot beleive how much I took them for granted while being at home. I love all the classes. I feel like am learning so much about the gospel.
I am also sang in the Christmas choir for the CCMs annual christmas light ceremony. We sang silent night. I was really cool because we actually sang in English this time. There was a devotional with area general authorities and a lot of mission presidents came. The talks were of course in Spanish, but I really enjoyed it. They decorated the entire CCM with lights. After the Devotional we mingled and drank hot chocolate.
Because my mission president was far away he didnt come. I am really excited to meet him though.
Well thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It is weird not being woken up to a birthday cake or icecream at home. Here you can give gifts and sing when the MTC president isnt arround. I guess the dont like singing in the comedor. But since it was P day my district sang right as we left for the temple. I received 2 gifts from Latinos I just barely met. One was a gospel art book which is actually going to be super useful, and the other were some peruvian aji Lays chips. I am just happy to get to write home and go to the temple though.
There was a new group of latinos and 8 of them are going to Chiclayo.
I am ready to get out into the field, but as you can guess I am a little nervous.
Love you a lot and miss you
Elder Joshua Leo Mecham

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