Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Well that was my last Easter in Peru... Easter here is so much different. Since the country is catholic they focus more on the death of Jesus Christ then the resurrection. Here they have Thursday and Friday off then after Saturday it is just like a normal weekend for everyone else. I made sure that I did not have to eat fish on Thursday and Friday,... I like a good salmon and trout but they have some weird stuff out here... no thanks... sometimes they try serve it with head and all.... who want to eat the eye balls... ohh i guess they do.. yumm.. was funny though because the penscionista was heading to the local market and she bought a lot of meat and chicken so that we would have some for the semana santa. The bishop´s wife was there and she gave the pensionista a weird look and then asked what the missionaries would think that she was not going to keep the commandments and give us fish.... What do I think I think it is perfectly fine and that they are funny to believe in the some traditions of their fathers.......

Vanesa and Reyna both passed their baptismal interviews so we will be having some baptisms coming up this change. after conference and the national voting here. I am phsyced.... I also have another change here.... so I will be able to see and be there for their big day.

By the way my penscionista martha says hi and sends her love home to alll.. especially to my mom,,, and elder waddells mom...

she says.... Les quiero mucho... cuidanse... y gracias por sus hijos y su amor.

Well watch conference and love it.

Elder Mecham

Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

Well that was another great week.... Well the highlights of this past week was that now Vanesa Cubas has a date set for a baptismal interview. She will be interviewed on Friday.... the only bad thing is that Friday she will be interviewed and then either the baptism will be this Saturday, which is not likely, or it won't be until the 16 of April... Why you may ask... well. An investigator needs to be confirmedasap so if she got baptized on a Friday before general conference then she would have to wait until the next week... which would be perfectly fine but here on the 10 of April is the Peruvian presidential election. Which prohibits any meetings religious of nonreligious. So there is not going to be church on the 10th due to the election... so weird... so she would have to get baptized on the 16th of april... I really hope that I am here to see it happen... well I am going to push for this week then.

Reyna Mori had her baptismal interview scheduled for this last friday but sadly she had to go to work... Then she could not even make it for church... I am worried about her. 

On Friday we had a Noche de cine or basically a ward movie night.. They left us in charge of finding a movie that was semi-religious... The only thing is how are we going to find a movie with our schedule... All we brought was MEET THE MORMONs which most people have already seen. What evs it was fun because the ward rented out a projector for 50 soles. the funny thing was it was for only an hour but the left if for 3 hours and only charged the hour. We drank for soda and ate some empanatas.. yum...

Saturday most of the lessons fell through so we contacted at tried to get into peoples houses. well my companion saw a service opportunity so he took it. He helped a school clear out some dirt... not just some it was a huge amount.... the best part is that we did not even know these people and we got super dirty in our white shirts and ties... Bucket by bucket we helped move huge piles of dirt. Service is always so much fun. The best part is I felt accomplished and happy... I challenged you guys to find these simple opportunities to serve. Now I can say that I helped build a school... that phrase just sounds cool.

Love you all

March 14, 2016

Weeks are starting to fly....well at least they do when we are outside working....sadly my companion got a little sick with the flu on Saturday... I felt bad for the poor guy. So all of saturday we were in the room... there is really nothing to do... you can only read the scriptures and sleep so long in a hot room. Haha

Well we two investigators getting really close to baptism. Vanessa Cubas and Reyna and her family. It is fun to teach Vanessa because we are basically helping her recover from being brain washed by the Jehovahs witness. For example, this last lesson we taught this week she asked if it was okay to celebrate birthdays and Christmas and have fun.... what type of religion teaches you cannot have fun with the family on your birthday. well she has had her eyes opened now.

WElll easter and conference are both coming up... exciting.... I hope you are all preparing for this next easter. Like elder Holland said, it is the most important day of the year.

Haha funny thing that happened today... it is random to include but today we saw a white girl....the Peruvians of course whistled out her...and like a typical American she flipped them off.... it is just so weird seeing that here.. I miss home...

Well I am doing well.. take care

Elder Mecham

March 7, 2016

The mission has now a huge push to give out as many books of Mormon as possible so we have been pushing hard as a district. Doing many practices and trying to give them away in the streets. I have even challenged my recent converts to give them away to their friend. This week we were able to triple the number of book of Mormon that we gave away last week. This next week we are going to do the same. We must flood the work with books of Mormon.

I am doing well.

A less active guy told us a story about when the spirit protected him before he was even a member. He told us that he had this neighbor that they were both great friends. but the neighbor wanted his daughter to marry her son.,รง

he did not really care for the son and said no... later the neighbor invited them over for dinner and served them some soup and dinner. His children were all there except for the one daughter. One of his children were about to eat and he stopped them so that they could prayer over the food.After the prayer he felt like vomiting. So he stopped his family from eating the food, and tested the food by giving it to the dog. The dog died within 5 minutes. He told us that he was protected by god in this moment. Later the neighbor came to see if her dead was completed and found that they were fine. He asked her what was wrong. and she just denied everything and never talked to him again.

Wow what a crazy experience..

I hope that you all do well

February 29, 2016

Wow I was looking just at the picture that mom just sent me of the Provo temple and I was just looking at all the different faces. Freak.. Who is this kid that replaced Terron. What the heck... crazy. The Provo temple looks nice. the nice brick look, it reminds me of all the houses here. just a lot nicer.

Not too much happened this week.We are working hard with Reyna´s family so that her husband and son and get baptized with her. It is really hard because they are all super busy and Reyna´s dad is having troubles with his heart and their son Jose Eduardo is super busy with university, and work at the same time. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM 

Their names are

1. Reyna Mori
"2. Fernando Carlos Montes
3. Jose Eduardo Montes Mori

also please help me out with another name Vanessa Cubas. She is another investigator that is going through a lot of struggles with her family. Her brothers and sisters basically want to sell her house and kick her out because she is going to change from being a Jehovah´s witness, and they are just not good people. She is so committed to change. IT is amazing.

Lets go Bekah... bekah for state sterling scholar... wow.

Love you all

Oh yah,, today I ate a delicious double cheese burger and it actually tasted some what like the states.. so good.

Elder Joshua Mecham

Por fin estoy en el Boletin.... We finally made the bulletin