Monday, March 21, 2016

February 29, 2016

Wow I was looking just at the picture that mom just sent me of the Provo temple and I was just looking at all the different faces. Freak.. Who is this kid that replaced Terron. What the heck... crazy. The Provo temple looks nice. the nice brick look, it reminds me of all the houses here. just a lot nicer.

Not too much happened this week.We are working hard with Reyna´s family so that her husband and son and get baptized with her. It is really hard because they are all super busy and Reyna´s dad is having troubles with his heart and their son Jose Eduardo is super busy with university, and work at the same time. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM 

Their names are

1. Reyna Mori
"2. Fernando Carlos Montes
3. Jose Eduardo Montes Mori

also please help me out with another name Vanessa Cubas. She is another investigator that is going through a lot of struggles with her family. Her brothers and sisters basically want to sell her house and kick her out because she is going to change from being a Jehovah´s witness, and they are just not good people. She is so committed to change. IT is amazing.

Lets go Bekah... bekah for state sterling scholar... wow.

Love you all

Oh yah,, today I ate a delicious double cheese burger and it actually tasted some what like the states.. so good.

Elder Joshua Mecham

Por fin estoy en el Boletin.... We finally made the bulletin 

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