Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 22, 2016

Well another good ol week. This week we went to a multi zone with the President and his wife and half of the mission. It was great seeing good friends and learning a lot about the gospel.

Highlights... well they focused and a couple things that they want the leaders to drive into the minds of my district

   we need to be studying this everyday. Not just reading or perusing it, but treasuring what it has to say. How is the spirit going to put words in our minds if it does not have anything to draw from. Kind of super important.

2. LDM Book of Mormon.... Now we are going to start counting the number of LDM that we leave with invesigators each week. President promised us if we increased our desire to share and use the book of mormon in our teaching the number of baptisms in the mission would double.... haha pappy already knew that secret...

3. Planning... we have got to plan well so that the lord and guide us

4. Working with the members.... President had a big revelation to help the mission. He took a painting that a member did with jesus and the family proclamation and put the words the family.... who do you know that needs the gospel.. in sacrament meeting we gave each member one of these to put on their front door so that everytime they walk out of their houses the our reminded to thing who else needs the gospel.. I know that this is really going to help with the amount of people that are found and baptized.

5 WE NEED TO charish president Thomas S Monsons words... We know that we have a living prophet but do we actually know what he has taught. what are his teachings. Well for me he changed the mission age in 2012 and he really shows how much he loves us.

ALSO REYNA AND FERNANDO GOT MARRIED..... that is awesome... next week that means there is going to be a great baptism. I love seeing these people progress.

Shout out to bekah.... made it into BYU thats pretty cool I guess.

Elder Mecham
 My companion dying on the floor as we fill up the baaaaaaaaaptismal font for another wards baptism. Sadly just after leaving the church he barfed all over the street.. people just stared at him. Lets just say that we did not leave on saturday to go preach because my comp was in bed dying

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