Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30

This was another hard week of good ol work. Hmm the interesting things that happened... I did a work visit with Elder Powell. Elder Unruh my comp went with Elder Breas in Los Proseles, and Elder Powell and I stayed in my area kennedy. It was kind of cool because two changes ago Elder Breas and Elder Unruh were companions in Cajamarca, so it was a good old time for them.

I had a lot of fun with Elder Powell. We are both the junior companions, but it didn{t matter. Elder Powell came in the same group and Elder Unruh, so time really doesn{t matter. We taught a reference we received named Amanda and her son. I am terrible with names so ya. It was a good lesson. wE stopped at the great apostasy part of the lesson because we had another appointment on the other side of the area. I feel like she will be one to progress.

I am working hard to get into the habbit of asking the people to be baptized the first lesson. It is actually a really good way to tell if the people actually want to progress. Next step is setting the baptismal dates though. 

If people say no, We listen and try to help them resolve their problems, but hey everyone has the right to choose.

We had a lady this last week tell us no after teaching her all the lessons. It was heart breaking, but what evs. She then was like, Are you still going to come back though even if I don{t want to get baptized. I, being a little hurt in my mind said ya right. Patience is hard sometimes. We will go back to her just after everything falls through and will get all contacts we needed done. I am not going to waste the Lord^s time on an eternal investigator.

My new companion is Elder Unruh. He is from Salt lake city. He played basketball for east high for a couple years. Then his senor year he would just go skiing kind of like what Spencer Herzog did with open holes in his schedule. We get along very well and we work really hard. Some night I am falling asleep during planning. 

I don{t know, to be honest I hate writing so I will upload more pictures. It is easier that way.

Elder Joshua Leo MeChAm

GO Utes great run this year. I cannot wait to go to the games as a student when I get back.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 23

This Week
This week was full of fun and hard work. Nada mas. I am not really a person of very many words, so I will try to illustrate with my pictures what happened, but I will give it my best shot.

Basically I love missionary work. I am slowly conquering my fears through the atonement. I know that the atonement provides each of us with power. God wants a powerful people. We did service on a day. That was fun. I really enjoy service. I also had a work visit with my district leader for weekly planning which I learned a lot.

I believe we can learn something new from everyone we come in contact with. You just need to have the right attitude. 

I love the scriptures¿!¿! They make more sense every day. Poco a poco, line upon line precept upon precept.

Spanish I have given in that it will take me a while to master it. I have to get over trying to be a perfectionist and just go for it. 

We had a talent show in the stake. I loved it. Some missionaries from my district and I did a skit about the first day in the mission field. I felt like a was at timberline playing and acting like a goof ball in the skit. My part was I got to rob the two missionaries playing the newbies. How enjoyable was that hahahahahahahahaha.
Talent Show

I gave my first talk in Spanish. I just prepared like a would have in English. Also I used a strength, english as an example. I read a part of a letter Pappy sent me in English
. Then I explained to the people that sometimes we don´t understand the whispers of the spirit. haha you got to work wit wat ya got.

Git er done

Put you Shoulder to the Wheel

Pon tu Hombro a la Lid


#MarchMadness # means rpm in peru rate per m idk

Love yall
Elder Joshua Leo Mecham
Let your light so shine

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16

Really brock is getting baptized.... YES YES YES. I love this work.

Todo bien aqui en Peru. You will not belive what a change in my life this has been. I can see how each activity I have done has guided me so far in my life. I constantly turn to my patriarchal blessing for support. I don´t know if you remember all of it. But it has be basically a Liahona para mi. Freaking this week has been the bomb. 

For example timberline. Where did I learn how to teach and be a leader. Hmm TL. Where did I learn to camp like a champ timberline( Ernie, Big John, Rick, Shum, and the gang. Peru it almost feels like am camping and teaching timberline. I freaking love it.

Also missionaries walk a ton. Hmm who did marching band for two years. Who walked the streets it the blazing Utah son. Trust me marching in the AF uniform is so much worse than a mission.

Also I have been able to connect with a lot of latinos because of why? I freakin love soccer. Period.

My comp is from utah. A gringo too. He is a stud. His name is Elder Unruh. He is from Salt Lake City. His trainer was my trainer´s comp in the CCM. ITs a Small World after all. Also I ran into Elder Anderson. Who knows wait for it. Whitney Bitner. Hahah life is funny.

Basically I have done the basics. Prayer, Reading, Attending. In spanish it is Orar Lear Asistir or OLA como ¡Hola!


Elder Mecham

Ether 12:27

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9

This week was another hard working week. It is hard though when most of our investigators cannot progress because they need to get married. It is kind of really annoying. I mean why do they just live together with at getting married.....

Besides that what stinks is my companion has changes. I will miss having a companion that can speak English. I really liked getting to know elder Jarman. So basically it is good bye elder Jarman and good bye English. I mean it is good for me, but I am so nervous that I will not be able to function with my new companion. Tomorrow we go to the changes meeting where I will get my new comp. I really hate saying good bye to people. But the mission is making me do it often.

That was my wonderful week basically. Also I have to give a talk in two weeks. I really don´t know how that is going to go.

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 3

hey all,

This week has been pretty fun, full of hard work and a lot of teaching. Tuesday the district leader called and said that we were going to do a work visit. Which I got to go with Elder Powell in his area and Elder Breas the district leader came to my area with my companion. Also it was for a whole day and we would stay the night. Elder Powell is from Murray, Utah. He is a really funny guy. He has 6 months in the mission. I followed him in his area and we taught his investigators and his less actives. His pension was out of town, so we ate with a member in his ward for all the meals. I did pretty well with teaching with him, but it was just a little different style. I enjoyed my time with him. He a cool green laser that we played with at night. The weirdest and funniest thing that he had was a tube of bacon flavored toothpaste. It smelled really good, but it was nasty to brush my teeth with it. I prefer the minty fresh taste. His family sent the toothpaste to him because he said he really missed bacon. To be honest, I am perfectly fine without bacon.

 Angels speak by the power othe Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, Isaid unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold,the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye shoulddo.


I really like this scripture. The words of Christ which are the scriptures, conference talks, and liahonas or Ensigns. They will tell you all that you should do. Also, angels will speak to you through the Holy Ghost.

I really enjoy the time that we are given to study: As one missionary put it everyday in the morning that we have study time is an appointment with a member of the Godhead. The sets apart you entire day.

Besides this it was just a week of hard work. 

All is well. Peru is the bomb

Elder Mecham