Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30

This was another hard week of good ol work. Hmm the interesting things that happened... I did a work visit with Elder Powell. Elder Unruh my comp went with Elder Breas in Los Proseles, and Elder Powell and I stayed in my area kennedy. It was kind of cool because two changes ago Elder Breas and Elder Unruh were companions in Cajamarca, so it was a good old time for them.

I had a lot of fun with Elder Powell. We are both the junior companions, but it didn{t matter. Elder Powell came in the same group and Elder Unruh, so time really doesn{t matter. We taught a reference we received named Amanda and her son. I am terrible with names so ya. It was a good lesson. wE stopped at the great apostasy part of the lesson because we had another appointment on the other side of the area. I feel like she will be one to progress.

I am working hard to get into the habbit of asking the people to be baptized the first lesson. It is actually a really good way to tell if the people actually want to progress. Next step is setting the baptismal dates though. 

If people say no, We listen and try to help them resolve their problems, but hey everyone has the right to choose.

We had a lady this last week tell us no after teaching her all the lessons. It was heart breaking, but what evs. She then was like, Are you still going to come back though even if I don{t want to get baptized. I, being a little hurt in my mind said ya right. Patience is hard sometimes. We will go back to her just after everything falls through and will get all contacts we needed done. I am not going to waste the Lord^s time on an eternal investigator.

My new companion is Elder Unruh. He is from Salt lake city. He played basketball for east high for a couple years. Then his senor year he would just go skiing kind of like what Spencer Herzog did with open holes in his schedule. We get along very well and we work really hard. Some night I am falling asleep during planning. 

I don{t know, to be honest I hate writing so I will upload more pictures. It is easier that way.

Elder Joshua Leo MeChAm

GO Utes great run this year. I cannot wait to go to the games as a student when I get back.

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