Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16

Really brock is getting baptized.... YES YES YES. I love this work.

Todo bien aqui en Peru. You will not belive what a change in my life this has been. I can see how each activity I have done has guided me so far in my life. I constantly turn to my patriarchal blessing for support. I don´t know if you remember all of it. But it has be basically a Liahona para mi. Freaking this week has been the bomb. 

For example timberline. Where did I learn how to teach and be a leader. Hmm TL. Where did I learn to camp like a champ timberline( Ernie, Big John, Rick, Shum, and the gang. Peru it almost feels like am camping and teaching timberline. I freaking love it.

Also missionaries walk a ton. Hmm who did marching band for two years. Who walked the streets it the blazing Utah son. Trust me marching in the AF uniform is so much worse than a mission.

Also I have been able to connect with a lot of latinos because of why? I freakin love soccer. Period.

My comp is from utah. A gringo too. He is a stud. His name is Elder Unruh. He is from Salt Lake City. His trainer was my trainer´s comp in the CCM. ITs a Small World after all. Also I ran into Elder Anderson. Who knows wait for it. Whitney Bitner. Hahah life is funny.

Basically I have done the basics. Prayer, Reading, Attending. In spanish it is Orar Lear Asistir or OLA como ¡Hola!


Elder Mecham

Ether 12:27

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