Monday, September 12, 2016

August 15, 2016

This week was fun. Finally a calm and normal week to work in the work of the Lord. Last week was harder because we were busy with a lot of meeting and we traveled to the office many times, but this week we had time to just do what we gotta do, love the people and talk to anything that moves.
This wednesday we did a work exchange with the elders in Urrunaga. I went with Elder Aceldo from quito, ecuador. We worked hard and we found some more people to teach in their area. This tuesday, personally I placed 4 Books of Mormon. I love talking about the Book of Mormon... I know that it has a power in the conversion of all who read its pages. The things that are in it are worth more than gold, or any Diamond. It really does hurt a bit when people reject the Book of Mormon, but I look for the next person... Asi es la obra de Dios.... I know that the BOM answers the questions of the soul and clarifies all doubts that come from the bad translation of the bible. The 2 testify of Christ and both bring us closer. But as Joseph Smith said. it is the most correct book upon the face of the earth. The work visit went well... I have a picture with elder Aceldo while we were studying.
 Also this week we did a Missionary Night... the theme of course was the Book of Mormon.. After we played a game similar to pictionary just without pictures. Just the person had to describe the word without using works or jestures. Later we also played Ping Pong with the members... There is a picture of us playing doubles.

Karol Llontop is progressing and will be baptized on the 23rd of August... Mitchell's birthday. It is such a pleasure to teach her.

We are also teaching Yessenia Zuloeta and the family Cabello... Sadly they did not attend church this sunday so we had to move back their baptismal dates. Yessenia for the 2nd of September and The family Cabello for the 10 of September... We are working hard with them.

All is well

Elder Mecham

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