Monday, September 12, 2016

August 8, 2015

I do believe in miracles! It sounds a little funny or like a grew up watching a lot of Peter Pan, but this statement is truer than true. We have been teaching Yessenia Zuloeta for over 5 weeks now and she has been listening and completing with all her commitments except for one... she had never attended church. She has a bautismal date for the 27th of August and if she did not attend this sunday... well her fecha falls... We taught her saturday and committed her to come, she was undecisive, but as always we promised her blessings and poured out our testimonies about church attendance. She still was iffy about the decision. Later in the night we called her and she said if she was going to attend it would be a surprise... After I heard her reponse I thought, Whelp,,, there going her fecha. Sunday came and we waited, and waited. and then waited a little more... It was a great meeting by the way.. I really enjoy testimony meeting because the spirit flows and teachs while you listen and focus on not only what the members say, but also what the spirit said... I gave my testimony and then sat down and I felt that everything would be alright with Yessenia... After the last prayer, yessenia came up and said hi to us... She had entered and sat down on the last row without us nor the missionary leader noticing... wow suprise... she stayed the whole time in church, and later told us that she really enjoyed the 3 hours and that she felt she was heading in the right path. Bautismos!!! Animos!!!

We are teaching Carol Llontop of Puerto Rico... She is definately of the chosen investigators of God. This sunday we called the bishop of Barrio Puerto Rico and made sure that she was received with a warm welcome. Later we found out that Carol Llontop had also fasted. She is progressing and advancing for her bautismal date on the 20th of August.

The zone meeting went well. The missionaries received it well and now we are working hard to work hard and more efficiently with the members..

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