Monday, September 12, 2016

August 22, 2016

This week we had a Multi zone with half of the mission. I was able to meet up with a lot of my buddies and also with Elder Darrington my son, so I was happy. The multizone was very spiritual and emphasized that we are a chosen generation and also the the end of the world is super close. In short Terms if the whole history of time is split into 12 hours with each of the dispensations starting with Adam and ending with the second coming we are at 11. Joseph Smith started the 11th hour so how much time do we have left. President Williams said that right now on the clock it reads 11hours 58 minutes... well he s coming... The good thing is that this is speaking in God´s time, but still all I can say is wow I have some prepartation to do. Because the Bridesgroom comes at 12 and I do not want to be with my spiritual lamp empty.

I also learned about becoming more converted. Even Peter the Rock as Jesus Christ called him needed to strengthen his conversion. As we know, after being with Jesus for more 3 years he still was not truely converted to the Lord. Later he denied Christ 3 times, but he later became the Peter we know now...strong firm and was willing to die for the name of Christ.

My question is how your conversion procress? I know that I lack a lot, but I know that it is possible,

my mission and it has changed my own life. For intstance, this week we visited Karol Llontop almost everyday of this week to help her prepare her baptism on the 23rd of August. When we talked about the Word of Wisdom, awesomly the sameday of the multizone we were super prepared... thank you, she took us directly saying, Look I have a problem I love Coffee and I do believe that I will be able to give it up. We shared more about the blessing and also we had her memorize Phillipians 4´13. She then asked us for a blessing. I was pleased to give her one in which I felt and knew that she would be able to leave the her coffee addiction. The next day she bought ECCO and told us that she would be fine. Later in the week she confirmed that she had been able to break the addiction, but that her head hurt alot... We told her that it would soon go away and she would have more energy. It is amazing to see the power of the Atonement in people´s lives. I love this Gospel and I am so glad that my older spirtual brother, Jesus Christ, suffered, bled, and died for me and all of humanity.

We did the work visit with Artesanos 1. I worked hard with elder Bravo. They are doing well, they just need to keep searching so that they can find some new investigators. They had a baptism this week so they are working well. I made sure to contact like crazy with them. In the afternoon we had 7 lessons and 23 contacts and also found a new family. They are doing well.

I am doing well and I hope the best for all of you guys... Love you to bits...

see you in 9 weeks

Tomorrow we have a baptism..


Elder Joshua Leo Mecham

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